Health and safety – Creating custom forms

The Health And Safety Custom Forms feature allows for the creation of new forms for employees to supply additional information as required.

This feature is accessed via Management > Health and Safety > Custom Forms.

Note – This page is is concerned with the creation of Custom Forms. See the Health and Safety custom forms support page for more information.

To create a new form, select “Create New Form” to the right of the grid.

There are 2 mandatory areas when creating a new form:

  • Form name
  • At least 1 field

There is an option to include a description or instructions.

Note – See the Custom Forms Builder reference page with worked examples for more information.

Choose who should receive a notification when a user submits this form (it is permissible to select none of these and have no notifications sent):

  • Controllers – controllers will receive an email advising the employee has submitted the form
  • Managers – the employee’s line manager will receive an email advising the employee has submitted the form
  • Health and Safety Reps – Health & Safety Representatives will receive an email advising the employee has submitted the form

Forms have the option to allow multiple submissions as needed.

  • When selected, the form can be submitted times, a new entry will be created each time which will be seen when viewing the submissions.
  • If not selected, only single submissions will be allowed. When the employee submits the form again, it will update their submission rather than create a new entry. In this event, the submission history is available to be seen, showing the original submission along with all the updates.

Additional fields can be included on the form:

  • Header – creates a header on the form
  • Paragraph – provides an area for a user to enter a paragraph in the form
  • Text Field – creates a text field that a user can fill in
  • Text Area – creates a large text area for a user to populate with more detailed information
  • Date Field – creates a date selection box
  • Select – creates a drop-down menu
  • Checkbox Group – creates a group of checkboxes
  • Radio Group – creates a group of radio buttons

Many of the above fields (apart from header and paragraph) can be edited to be a “Required” field. There are also other customisations for fields such as adding placeholder text, help information or allowing the ‘Other‘ option in fields such as Checkbox Groups. At the bottom of the form creation page are 3 options:

  • Cancel – close the form creation and will not save the form
  • Reset – resets/removes the fields added into the form
  • Save – creates the form, it then appears on the Custom Forms grid
Note on sensitive data
If the data you intend to capture via a custom form is of a personal or sensitive nature, it may come under the auspices of the General Data Protection Regulation (2018). We would recommend seeking legal advice if you think this may be the case.

For more information see the Custom Forms Builder reference page.

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