Health and safety – Document library

The myhrtoolkit Health And Safety module includes a Document Library for the safe keeping of documents relating to health and safety issues.

The feature is divided into Team Documents and Individual Documents.

Health and safety document library

Note – as with other areas of the Document Library, the uploading of documents is done by managers; normal users only have a ‘read only’ view of the library.
Team documents

Team Documents are health and safety documents for general consumption by employees.

Health and safety software team documents

Uploading a document

To upload a new Team Document, click the ‘Upload new document' link. The upload page contains some notes about documents. Give the document a name that will be used within the system, and select the document you wish to use.

Once uploaded, recipients for the file can be chosen in the same manner as selecting recipients for other document types in the library.

Health and safety software upload a document

Individual documents

Individual Documents are health and safety documents made available specifically for each employee as needed. These may be forms, contracts, rotas, etc.

Health and safety software individual documents

When a document has been uploaded against an employee, they will be notified that it is available to be viewed. As with other document types, it can be edited, archived, reminders sent, etc.

Health and safety document added for individual

Individual Documents can also be given categories. First set up the categories to be used via the Create new document category link.

When set up, a drop-down menu will be available when uploading/editing a document. There is also a categories drop-down menu on the main documents grid to enable faster searching.

Health and safety delete documents on myhrtoolkit

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