Deleting a leaver's data in myhrtoolkit

Myhrtoolkit takes its responsibilities with client data very seriously, and as such implements procedures to protect users’ rights to privacy, whilst maintaining an organisation’s need to function smoothly with a changing workforce. This can be seen most clearly in the procedure followed after an employee has left employment.

What happens to a leaver's data in myhrtoolkit

Personally identifiable information about a leaver is held temporarily within an organisation’s myhrtoolkit system for a set number of days, in line with the organisation’s privacy policy.

After this point, all personal data is removed from the system, and the user’s record is renamed in such a way that they can longer be identified as having been in the system. However, their record is not deleted from the system, unless expressly done by a controller.

Leaving a digital ‘footprint’ in the organisation’s software system is helpful for meaningful Leaver’s reports, staff turnover reports, etc. At any point, information (for instance, File Notes) can still be manually deleted.

In operation

When a leaver is marked as having left (with a Leaving Date having passed), their data is marked for removal from the main body of the myhrtoolkit system.

After a specified period of time has passed, their name is permanently altered and all personally identifiable data is removed (Address, Contact details, NI Number, etc.). Their record is left with start and finish date, and other non-identifiable details, so that staff reports remain meaningful.

Note – If, at any point, a Controller wishes to fully delete the record from their system, they are able to do so. However, this may have a detrimental effect on the integrity of certain reports, depending on the time periods selected for the reports.

See the full guide to deleting users.

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