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Getting started with Document Library – managers and controllers FAQ

myhrtoolkit provides an area where various company documents can be found and distributed at any time.

How Do I..

  1. Upload a new document into myhrtoolkit?
  2. Issue a document?
  3. Track a document?
  4. Archive or remove a document?
  5. Control what document types managers can upload? (Controllers only)
  6. User’s access to ID/Visa documents (Controllers only)
    1. How do I upload a new document into myhrtoolkit?

      From the Management toolbar, select the document library icon, then select the relevant tab for the document to be uploaded. Follow the ‘Upload…‘ link.

      The upload page allows you to select a document and name it:

      Once uploaded, the document will appear in the tab. At this point the document will not be visible to any other users.

    2. How do I issue a document?

      From the Management toolbar, select the document library icon, then find the document to be issued. Some document types can be issued to multiple employees (such as company handbook, annual reports, etc.), others on an individual basis (such as CVs).When a document is issued, the default setting is that the recipients will receive a note on their message-board with a message defined by you, and a brief email telling them that a new document is available to them. You can choose to include your message in the email.

      There is an option to suppress notifying employees about new documents – this may be useful if you are uploading and issuing many documents at a time (then perhaps use the ‘comms’ functionality to send a message to users when finished).

      • Multiple recipient documents
        The ‘Select Recipients‘ link will load a page where you can select those to whom the document will be issued.

        Note – You can only issue documents to those who report to you.

        When you have made your selection and message options, submit the page.

        The new recipients will be confirmed:

      • Single recipient documents
        Certain documents are only relevant for a single employee. The procedures surrounding this are simple, and initiated with the ‘Upload new document‘ link.
    3. How do I track a document?

      myhrtoolkit provides visibility on when users have downloaded documents they have been sent. Certain document types require feedback from the user to say that they have read and understood the document.

      • For single recipient documents, navigate to the document type (for instance, management > document library > cv) – the table includes a column highlighting when the user first downloaded the file.
      • For multiple recipient documents, when you select the document type (for instance, company handbook) against each document the current number of recipients is shown in red in the ‘Select/ view recipients‘ column.The table revealed after clicking the Select recipients link has two columns detailing when the user first downloaded the file, and when they clicked the link to acknowledge having read and understood the document.
      • The pending documents feature is available via management > document library > pending docs. The table shows the number of documents each user has not downloaded and/or not acknowledged as read.Clicking the numbered box in the ‘No. of pending documents‘ column will show the documents the user has pending. Against each document there is an option to send a reminder – tick the box in the ‘Send Reminder‘ column for each document required, and click the Send a reminder button. This will add a notification to the user’s messageboard, prompting them to action.
    4. How do I archive or remove a document?

      From the Management toolbar, select the document library icon, and find the document to be archived or removed.

      Follow the ‘Archive‘ link against the document (the ‘Archive‘ link in the options line above will reveal all archived documents). You will be asked to confirm your action.

      Archiving a document will remove it from the document libraries of anyone to whom it had been issued.

      Once archived, the document will be removed from general view.

      To delete the document completely, navigate to the tab where the document was originally located, and follow the ‘Archive‘ link in the option line. This will reveal all archived documents.

      Follow the delete link, and, again, you will be asked to confirm your intentions.

      Note – deleting a document removes all trace of it from your myhrtoolkit installation, and it cannot be recovered.

    5. How do I control what document types managers can upload? (Controllers only)

      Managers can only upload documents types for which they have permissions, as allocated by Controllers. To grant and/or remove access rights, navigate to ‘setup & admin‘, then in the ‘Access‘ option group select ‘Manager’s rights – Document library.’

      Once the new selections have been made, submit the page to record them.

      If the changes were made whilst the relevant manager(s) were logged in to myhrtoolkit, they may need to log out and log in again to see the changes in the Management dashboard.


      • Employees will be able to see all document tabs in their ‘myhome‘ area, but will only see documents that have been made available to them.
      • Managers will also be to see all tabs in their ‘myhome,’ but this is only for viewing purposes (as a user).
      • Documents uploaded by managers become ‘system‘ documents, and can also be sent by all other managers to their reports.
      • Controllers can see all documents.
      • ID Documents and Visas are visible to managers and controllers, but not to employees.
      • Correspondence‘ documents may be hidden from employees. This can be chosen at the upload stage (the default is that they cannot). After upload, the visibility can be changed as required.
    6. User’s access to ID/Visa documents (Controllers only)

      Controllers can specify the visibility of the identification docs and visas / work permits tabs.

      Navigate to setup & admin > Employee access to information, select the answers you would prefer for the “Would you like employees to be able to see their Identification documents in their ‘myhome’ page?” and “Would you like employees to be able to see their Visa documents in their ‘myhome’ page?” questions. When answered “yes” for a user, the user will see the relevant tabs in their myhome > document library.

      Managers always have these tabs available.

      Notes – This feature was introduced in September 2016. Users present on the system on the 22nd September 2016 will have this setting is turned off by default, all new users since then will have it turned on by default.
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