Using the Document library - Managers & Controllers

As part of the document management feature, myhrtoolkit provides a Document library, an area where various company documents can be found and distributed at any time.

myhrtoolkit document library


How do I...

Upload company-wide documents to myhrtoolkit?

See our dedicated guide to uploading company-wide documents using the Document library.

Upload employee-specific documents to myhrtoolkit?

We have also created a step-by-step guide for uploading employee-specific documents to the Document library.

Manage Template documents in myhrtoolkit?

Several of the Document library categories have a Templates section, allowing Managers or Controllers to upload template documents. These can then be used to create 'live' documents before being allocated to team members in the normal way.

Template enabled areas are Induction, Other rules & procedures, Contracts of employment, and Job descriptions. Within a document category, click the "Template documents" link to access the Templates section.

A template document can be seen, downloaded and deleted by any Manager (with access to that tab) and Controllers.

The template function or documents are not visible within the myhome user area.

Control what document types managers can upload? (Controllers only)

Managers can only upload documents types for which they have permissions, as allocated by Controllers. To grant and/or remove access rights, navigate to Config > Access rights > Managers' document rights.

Assigning controllers to document management

Once the new selections have been made, submit the page to record them.

If the changes were made whilst the relevant manager(s) were logged in to myhrtoolkit, they may need to log out and log in again to see the changes in the Management dashboard.

  • Employees will be able to see all document tabs in their Myhome area, but will only see documents that have been made available to them.
  • Managers will also be to see all tabs in their Myhome, but this is only for viewing purposes (as a User).
  • Documents uploaded by managers become system documents, and can also be sent by all other managers to their reports.
  • Controllers can see all documents.
  • ID Documents and Visas are visible to managers and controllers, but not to employees.
  • Correspondence documents may be hidden from employees. This can be chosen at the upload stage (the default is that they cannot). After upload, the visibility can be changed as required.

Correspondence document options on myhrtoolkit
Control Users’ access to ID/Visa documents? (Controllers only)

Controllers can specify the visibility of the Identification docs and Visas / work permits tabs.

Navigate to Config > System > People > Employee access to information. Select the answers you would prefer for the “Do you want employees to be able to view the identification documents in their Myhome page?” and “Do you want employees to be able to view visas / work permits in their Myhome page?” questions. When answered “yes” for a user, the user will see the relevant tabs in Myhome > Document library.

Managers always have these tabs available.

Note – This feature was introduced in September 2016. Users present on the system on the 22nd September 2016 will have this setting is turned off by default, all new users since then will have it turned on by default.
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