Changing between hours and days within fixed hours holiday

A guide for controllers and holiday managers

In myhrtoolkit holiday is managed in either Fixed Hours or Variable Hours on an individual basis. This guide deals with Fixed Hours, which can be managed in either Days or Hours.

All aspects of each User's holiday account will be wholly managed in the chosen unit. When users book holiday, they are prompted to input their request in the relevant units.

If it is necessary for a User to swap to the opposite unit, please follow the guide below.

Changing holiday units

When a change is made, all aspects of the employee’s holiday are changed, including entitlement, previously taken holiday, future bookings and any leave carried forward from the previous year.

Go to Management > Holiday entitlements.

Within the Holiday Units column, note the current unit (hours or days) and click on the amend link.

Changing holiday units days to hours

A wizard will now guide you through the change process. The steps are outlined below

  1. Input the hours per day that applied to the previous period of Fixed Hours.
  2. Review any leave bookings, past and future to ensure that you are happy with the converted values. These can be overridden if required.
  3. If you are moving into hours and the pay unit set is anything other than hours, you will be prompted to review. Remember to think about both the unit and actual pay rate.
  • Users of Variable Hours use hours, and this cannot be changed.
  • If a user holiday account is being managed in Variable Hours, do not make any changes to previous periods of Fixed Hours without first switching their account back into Fixed Hours. See our Guide to Variable Hours for more information.