A guide to fixed hours

Myhrtoolkit defines employee work-time arrangements based around whether an employee works Fixed Hours or Variable Hours, in tandem with a ‘Part-time Percentage’ which is a percentage of a normal working week that a Fixed Hours employee is contracted to work.

This guide focuses on ‘Fixed Hours.’

Fixed Hours

The Hours Status reference guide defines Fixed Hours as ‘where an employee has a fixed number of hours per week or a regular work roster.’ Employees who are set up to use Fixed Hours will also have a ‘Part-time Percentage’, which defines how much of a standard working pattern they are contracted to work.

Example: if your organisation has a role where an employee usually works 40 hours per week and is full-time, their part-time percentage would be 100%. If an employee doing the same job only works 6 hours a day, their part-time percentage would be 75%.

When setting up a part-time employee, there are a few things that need attention in your myhrtoolkit system installation.

  1. Update their ‘Part-time Percentage’

  2. Update their salary

  3. Update their holiday entitlement

Myhrtoolkit also has functionality for managing employees who have a variable working pattern. See our variable hours guide for details about this.

Setting Part-time Percentage

How do I change an employee’s ‘Part-time Percentage’?

Amending an employee’s part-time % can be done by Managers and Controllers. The page can be found by navigating to either:

  • Management > Hours status

  • Employee Files > Hours status

Find the relevant employee. In the ‘Date change effective from’ text box, set a date for the new information to take effect and submit.

You will be taken to a page where you have the opportunity to set their ‘Part-time percentage.’ Full-time employees are recorded as working 100%; for part-time employees, input the percentage of the standard working week they are contracted to work.

On returning to the ‘Hours status’ page, you will see the employee’s current status is highlighted in red.

If needed, notes and documents can be attached to a record using the links provided.

Records can be amended or deleted, and myhrtoolkit will perform the necessary housekeeping in the background.

I have set up employees with a Part Time ‘hours worked profile’ – will their Hours status affect this?

No. Hours profiles are used for attendance purposes on the Calendar. They are stored, and are used, separately from Hours status, which is used for pro rata calculations of pay and holiday. You can safely modify either for any employee independently of each other.

Note – when using ‘Applying hours worked profiles,’ you cannot assign a profile to variable hours employees, as work profiles define standard weekly work patterns.

Employee pay and part-time percentage

Myhrtoolkit allows you to record employee full-time equivalent (FTE) salary. Part-time percentage is then taken into consideration to calculate an employee’s actual salary.

How do I change an employee’s salary?

An employee’s salary can be reached either by navigating to:

  • Management > Pay and benefits

  • Employee Files > Pay and benefits

There are three levels of access to pay information available to managers – none, read only and full access (Controllers have full access). Only if you have been assigned full access can you amend an employee’s pay details.

In the ‘Date of new pay deal’ box, enter the effective date of the new salary. On the following screen enter the FTE salary. On submission, the part-time percentage assigned to the employee will be taken into consideration and the actual salary calculated.

If the employee uses variable hours, the FTE salary will be used as is (i.e. with no pro rata applied). Depending on employee settings, myhrtoolkit will prompt you set the employee’s pay to be per hour and set an hourly rate of pay.

Holidays and part-time percentage

By default, myhrtoolkit calculates holiday entitlements pro rata against a full annual entitlement, based on the employee’s part-time percentage. This frees you from working out part-time employee entitlements. Ensure that the FTE entitlement is correctly set and myhrtoolkit will do the rest.

In the unlikely event that you need to alter this option and perform calculations manually, navigate to Management > Holidays > Holiday entitlements, there is a checkbox ‘Apply part time % to holiday entitlement.’

apply part time percentage to holiday entitlement

How do I change an employee’s holiday entitlement?

We would direct you to the Manager’s guide to holidays or the Controllers Holiday FAQ.

Remember that if the employee works less than 100% of the standard working week (and has the option to apply their ‘Part-time %’ to holidays), use the full FTE holiday entitlement and myhrtoolkit will perform the necessary calculations on your behalf so that the employee gets their correct entitlement.

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