Setting up Notifications - Controllers

Myhrtoolkit HR software provides a mechanism for sending notifications when certain employee-related system events occur.


This functionality is dedicated to advising key people of significant incidents, like changes to personal details, holidays, starters and leavers. These can be sent to managers, controllers, specified individuals and any email address within your business (such as

This flags elements as they happen and allows actions, such as enabling your payroll colleagues to collect holiday data easily, or the training team to set up inductions for new starters.

Areas within Notifications are:

  • Changes to personal details – as soon as they happen
  • Employee Basic Pay - when they are set up on the system
  • Holidays – on the first day of a period of holiday
  • Sickness - on the first day of a period of sickness
  • Starters – when they are set up on the system
  • Leavers – depends on the options selected for the leaver(s); this can vary depending on circumstances or organisational policy
  • Data Processing - Shortly after an employee is to have their data processed.

Notification administration is reached from Config > Access rights > Notifications.

Who receives Notifications?

Before describing the events that trigger the notifications, we will look at the options surrounding who receives them, as the options are the same across each of the notification areas.


Notifications can be sent to:

  • The employee’s manager
  • System controllers
  • Other employees within your myhrtoolkit installation
  • Other (possibly external) email addresses

To select other employees within your installation, use the ‘Select employees’ button which will take you to a user selection page. When you have made your choices, submit the page and the notifications area will be updated to reflect them.


When the choices have been made for who receives the notification, use the Submit button for that section. Only options for one event-type can be updated at a time.

If you enter an email address, it will be added to a list with each ‘submit’. Any number of email addresses can be added.




As stated, the events that generate notifications are:

  • Changes to personal details
  • Employee basic pay
  • Holidays
  • Sickness
  • Starters
  • Leavers
  • Data processing

Changes in personal details

This event is triggered when the below fields are updated:

  • Name details, including title and marital status
  • Home address and contact details
  • Emergency contact details including notes
  • Work location/ department/ job title
  • Work contact details
  • NI Number

This event has an additional option which allows you to specify whether the notification gets sent just when the employee makes the change, or whether a change is made regardless of who did it.


Employee basic pay

This event is triggered when an employee's basic pay details are changed. This can be found in Management > Pay and benefits. If any field in this area is updated or added the selected employees (from the config area) will receive a notification.

This event has an additional option which allows you to send notifications even for bulk actions. For example, if a bulk upload of pay records were just uploaded, you would receive a notification.



This event is triggered at the start of any employee’s holiday. There are notes on the page which outline certain guidance, particularly that if ‘Employee’s manager’ is selected, a manager will receive notification for every employee who reports to them, and that this notification is separate from any of the other holiday reminders.

Sickness absence

When a manager marks an employee as absent due to sickness, or informs the system that a period of absence has ended, a notification can be sent to a variety of people: all the absence managers to whom the employee reports, managers, controllers with absence manager permissions, selected employees, or external email addresses.

New starters

The ‘New starters’ event occurs when a new user is setup in your myhrtoolkit installation. This is useful for notifying those who run induction courses, etc. Again, there are notes on the page for guidance.


The ‘Leavers’ event is for ensuring that all interested parties are informed of when an employee has left the company. The notification is sent out at the point in time you select on the leavers page:


Note – the Leavers notification works in a slightly different way to the others, in that the recipients are selected via Config, whilst the timing of the notification is set at the point of marking a user as leaving.

Data Processing

The Data Processing event occurs when an employee is due to be processed after being marked a leaver. This is useful for notifying managers/controllers who may need to change the data retention settings for leavers on a specific date.

Appendix 1: Complete list of Fields supported by the Notification function

  • Work details tab
    • Location
    • Dept
    • Telephone 1 (Work):
    • Tel Extension No.:
    • Mobile (Work)
    • Email (Work)
  • Job details tab
    • Job title
  • Personal details tab
    • Title
    • First name
    • Surname
    • Marital status
    • Mobile (Private)
    • NI Number
  • Home address
    • Address line 1
    • Address line 2
    • Address line 3
    • Address line 4
    • Postcode
    • Telephone 2 (Home)
    • Email (Personal)
  • Emergency contact
    • Relationship to Emergency Contact
    • Name of Emergency Contact
    • Emergency Telephone No
    • Emergency Address line 1
    • Emergency Address line 2
    • Emergency Address line 3
    • Emergency Address line 4
    • Emergency Address Postcode
    • Emergency Contact Notes

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