Health and safety – Welfare tags

The Welfare tags feature exists to give managers greater visibility on considerations they may need to bear in mind when performing any management task with an employee, such as whether they are 'Lone workers,' pregnant, etc.

Assigning a Welfare Tag

Welfare tags can be added in two ways:

  1. Navigate to Management > Health & Safety > Welfare tags. From there, find the relevant user and select the “+” symbol to add a welfare tag.

    Selecting the relevant icon will populate the title and description.

    Then select a start date (past or future; the default is the current date) and an end date (if this is not supplied the welfare tag will never expire).

    Finally, any comments that relate to the welfare tag can be added.

    When the tag has been added, the icon will show against the employee as well as in Employee Files. Hovering over these tags will show the title, description, start date and end date (if set).

  2. Navigate to Employee Files > Summary sheet.

    Welfare tags will be found under the 'Work info' column. Adding welfare tags here follows the same procedure mentioned above.

The icons shown in Management and Employee Files have 3 colours which represent different states for a welfare tag:

Red – This is an active welfare tag. Only two of the same welfare tag can be active at the same time.

Grey – This is an expired welfare tag. When a welfare tag has expired, the tag can be used again as required.

Black – This is a welfare tag that is due to start in the future.

Added welfare tags will also appear in Employee Files > Absence and employee files > Appraisals.

Who sees Welfare Tags

Welfare Tags are visible to all Controllers, to the line Manager(s) of the relevant employee, and Health And Safety Advisers.

Welfare Tags are not visible to Users, including those to whom they apply.

When updates are made to Welfare Tags, notifications are sent to the relevant line Manager(s) and Health And Safety Advisers.

Controlling Welfare Tags

Welfare tags can be edited and removed from the Management and Employee Files areas outlined above.

Note – Expired (grey) welfare tags cannot be edited, only deleted.

To make amendments to a welfare tag, click on the tag in question.

Use the Save/Edit or Remove/Delete button to make changes to the selected tag.

When a tag is created, edited or deleted, the changes are recorded, along with who made the change and the time the change was made. It is possible to view the audit via Management > Health & Safety > Welfare tags and then selecting the yellow icon to the right of the relevant employee.

The status of a welfare tag (signified by colour) is entirely controlled by the start and end dates:
  • Start Date in the past – live
  • Start Date in the future – pending
  • Start Date in the past and no End Date – live
  • End Date in the past – archived

In addition to the audit, all Health and Safety Representatives will receive a message board notification and an email notification advising of any changes made to welfare tags.

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