Recording and managing TOIL

Myhrtoolkit HR software has a facility for managing time off in lieu (TOIL) for employees.

A controller must enable this feature to use it for their organisation.

Enabling TOIL

You can enable time off in lieu by navigating to Config > System > Hours. Toggle the Settings slider to switch TOIL on or off.

Select Yes, then click Update.

Recording TOIL for employees

When an employee accrues some time off in lieu, they will need to ask their manager to record it for them. Only managers who are also holiday managers can record time off in lieu for employees. These managers can record it via Management > Holidays > Accrued TOIL, entering the amount and an optional note about the accrual. The software records time in hours, or a fraction of an hour.

Note – Managers can only add records to the current holiday year.
Viewing Time Off In Lieu

Employees can check the time off in lieu they have booked or accrued in Myhome > Holidays > TOIL.

Time off in lieu viewing

Managers can view employees' transactions in Management > Holidays > TOIL accrued.

Requesting Time Off in Lieu

Employees can book time off in lieu in myhome > holidays > TOIL > request TOIL

Requesting TOIL on myhrtoolkit

After entering the date, time-from and time-to, the employee needs to specify the amount of time. They can record this in hours or a fraction of an hour. There is an option to leave additional notes, should they be deemed necessary.

The request is sent to the employee’s holiday manager for authorisation. Employees cannot book more time off in lieu than they have accrued.

Managers can book time off in lieu on behalf of an employee using Management > Holidays > TOIL dates. When booked by a manager, it is authorised straight away.

TOIL booking

Authorising Time Off In Lieu

Time off in lieu can only be authorised by a manager who is also a holiday manager. Following a request by an employee, an alert is placed in the manager’s message board. The manager can accept or decline a request by following the View link and following on screen instructions.

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