Partner support - Australian states

If a myhrtoolkit system is based in Australia, we currently support localisation for the country.

When the system is setup, a primary timezone will be assigned in line with the preferences supplied. Daylight Savings settings are dependent on the locale, and are automatically adopted without the need for manual selection.

The locales supported are:

  • Adelaide
  • Brisbane
  • Broken Hill
  • Currie
  • Darwin
  • Eucla
  • Hobart
  • Lindeman
  • Lord Howe
  • Melbourne
  • Perth
  • Sydney

Currently only British (using GMT/BST) and Australian locales are explicitly supported.

Note – Selection of a locale can only be done when the system is being set up, ahead of going live.

When system locations are set up, there are a number of Australian territories available to be selected as appropriate.
Australian locations in myhrtoolkit

The territory selected will affect the default public holidays for that location.

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