Return To Work – A Manager’s Guide

Noting Absence

When employee is absent due to sickness, it can be recorded in myhrtoolkit in one of two ways:

  • by an employee on their return to work – see here
  • by a manager marking an employee sickness absent using Employee Files – see here
  • by a manager entering the sickness absence dates in management toolbar > absence – see here; or using ‘Manually add sickness absence‘ in Employee Files – see here

Employee Returning to Work

When an employee returns to work there are, again, three ways in which the system can be updated to reflect this:

  • as noted above, by the employee on their return to work – see here
  • the employee can provide a last date of absence for when a manager has entered a sickness absence start date using Employee Files – see here
  • by a manager entering a sickness absence end date in management toolbar > absence

This document is concerned with the last of these.

NoteEmployee Files has a Manually add sickness absence link. This is only for entering complete absences, and is not sensitive to an employee currently being marked as sickness absent, and should not be used to close an open sickness record.

Return to work process

When an employee returns to work from a period of sickness absence, and the absence was noted by a manager via the employee files > Mark as sickness absent, the absence should be marked as complete by visiting management dashboard > absence > sickness absence dates and clicking the Enter last day of sickness link.

Enter the final day of sickness (which will probably not be the same as the date of the employee returning to work), and the number of days sickness taken.

Note – The number of days sickness taken is not automatically calculated, as other factors such as holiday, weekends, shift patterns, etc. may need to be taken into account.

Any contractual sick pay details can be updated as required, further information about that can be found here.

If there are any supporting documents to register against the sickness, or if your organisation has pro forma documents to be completed, click the notes & docs link.

Documents and notes can be added and viewed easily by both managers and the relevant employee. If a back to work template/pro forma has been set up, it can be downloaded on the right using the Back to work template document link.

Note – For information on how to set up a template, a controller should read this.

Once downloaded and filled in, the completed document should be uploaded using the ‘Choose file‘ button. Add an appropriate description and click Submit when ready.

A completed absence record may look like this: