Training – Two-Step Migration

Myhrtoolkit’s legacy training module has now been switched off. Whilst existing data can no longer be directly accessed, outstanding records can still be migrated to the current training module.

This page is a part of the Migration process for moving that legacy training data to the newer myhrtoolkit training format.

The main page can be found here or you can find the one-step migration method here.

New Courses will need to be defined on the new training platform, prepared with various properties describing aspects of what someone taking the course could expect to attain. Legacy records can then be matched and migrated into these new courses.

How to migrate your legacy records

The process is in two parts:

  • Define Managed-Training Courses as you wish them to be – e.g. First Aid courses, Safety Training, Sales Techniques, Accountancy courses, Maintenance courses, etc.
  • Migrate your records by reviewing which legacy records will map on to the new courses and then migrating selected legacy records to defined Managed-Training Courses or the Personal Training area until none remain.

Start the migration process

Click on the links below to go to the pages which walk through the process.
1. Define

2. Migrate

Here is a video guide to two step migration:

Two step migration video

there are some additional resources available to help you

There is a helpful glossary of terms here.

For further assistance you can email us on

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