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Personal Training

Personal Training is for recording any self-driven training activity which may not be appropriate to classify as Managed training, for instance self-driven attendance at online seminars, workshops, etc., that an employee has organised themselves, whether formal or informal.

Myhrtoolkit provides both users and managers with facilities for recording Personal Training, in particular the CPD points associated with each piece of training.

Personal training for users

Navigate to Training > My Personal Training.

myhrtoolkit HR software personal training

To create a new Personal Training entry, use the Add New button and fill in all the relevant details.

HR software add personal training

The new entry will appear in the filterable table.

myhrtoolkit HR system personal training filterable table

To edit an entry, use the yellow button; to delete an entry, use the red button.

Personal training for managers

The Management module of Personal Training allows for both oversight of active users’ posting of their training, but also the entry of records for Record Only users.

Navigate to Management > Training > My Personal Training.

The filterable table allows you to get both an overview of Personal Training and hone-in on a smaller set of records. Each record can be edited, whether added by a manager or the user themselves. An entry can also be converted into a Managed-Training course with an associated event; this allows for the reuse of what was initially an isolated event.

Adding a new Personal Training record

This operates in much the same way as it does for user entry of a Personal Training record (see above). On pressing the New Personal Training button you will be asked for which user the new record applies, then can enter all relevant details.

Editing a new Personal Training record

Use the first (leftmost) yellow button in the relevant Personal Training record row. Editing is similar to adding a new record. The User will be notified of changes made.


Converting a Personal Training record into a Managed Training Course

If a user has done some Personal Training that may be applicable to the wider context of your company, you may find it useful to convert the record into a full Managed Training course. To do this, use the middle button of the cluster on the right hand side of the record row.

A popup advises you of what will happen to the record (new course and event created, record moved to the user’s Managed Training area, etc). If you are certain this is a procedure you wish to happen, click the Transform button. You will be informed when the process is complete.

Note – this transformation is a one-way process. A record of attendance at a Managed Training event cannot be transformed into a Personal Training entry.
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