Training – An overview

The Training Management module of myhrtoolkit offers a range of functionality designed to enable companies to more easily keep track of their employee’s skills, learning and certification. Via Training managers can:

  • Selected Controllers and Managers can be given a Training Manager permission.
  • They can then create courses – specific pieces of learning which can include documents about course outlines, cost centres, CPD points, etc. e.g. First Aid Course, Warehouse Safety, basic accountancy, etc. These courses will form your organisation’s training directory. See the Manager’s guide to Training for more details.
  • Training events are then set up to deliver your previously defined courses. These have a time, a place, and a provider. Managers then assign users to course events. See the Manager’s guide to Training for more details.
  • Users can be given visibility of training events and can request to attend. See the User’s Guide to Training for more details.
  • Once completed, users can employees can rate the event.
  • A new type of drill down reports are available to track a variety of aspects of Training.

Alongside the Managed Training is a module for recording Personal Training, recording any self-driven training activity which may not be appropriate to classify as Managed Training, for instance self-driven attendance at online seminars, workshops, etc., that an employee has organised themselves, whether formally or informally.

In conjunction with the Training platform, myhrtoolkit has a sophisticated Notifications Centre for monitoring aspects of your training set up. For more details see the Guide to Training Notifications.

Users' Guide to Training
Managers' Guide
Migration Guide
Glossary of terms
Personal Training

Addition information is avaiable in the Training FAQ.

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