Training - User's guide

This guide shows how employees can use the training management tool in the myhrtoolkit HR software system.

The structure of Training in myhrtoolkit

Myhrtoolkit uses two terms within training – Courses and Training Events. Simply put, a Course defines “What” and a Training Event, “When.”

A training course is an outline of subject matter, CPD points, a cost centre, documentation, etc. to which training events can be attached and users attend those events. A Course could be likened to a directory for specific times when training can be taken.

The Training Glossary defines some terms used in Training.

Training Courses

Managers set up Courses, then create events which can be attended. As an employee, you will have no input with the creation of training events (though you can bring useful courses to your manager's attention, of course!), but you can keep an eye on the available events and request to attend an event if you see one that you think is applicable to you.

Training Events

Once a course has been set up, managers can create Training Events, which give a time and place to a course. A manager may assign you to a course. If this happens you will receive a notification.

Requesting to go on a Training Event

Available courses events can be seen by navigating to Myhome > Training > Go to training courses. A request to go on a training event can be made by clicking the button at the right hand side of the course. This will trigger a notification to your Training Manager who will then accept or deny the request.

Training Courses

After the Event

After attending a course event, you can then rate your experience of it, add a comment, and input your mark as needed. If the course has a 'pass/fail' element, or an assigned mark, managers can also record these against your attendance of the course event. They can also record additional comments in the Manager Feedback box as appropriate. These comments will be visible to you, but not editable.

Rating Training Courses

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