The myhrtoolkit API

The Application Programmers Interface (API) for the myhrtoolkit HR system allows for progammatic access to your myhrtoolkit data without having to use the web front end/User Interface. When combined with your in house or third party software, our API will allow you to automatically access and extract data from your myhrtoolkit account.

For those interested in building their own applications, integration through the myhrtoolkit API will add additional value, such as enabling bespoke reporting or integration with other business applications.

For a general introduction to APIs see CodeNewbie's Intro to APIs.

Signing up to use the myhrtoolkit API

Use of the myhrtoolkit API is available to all organisations using myhrtoolkit.

To start using the API, navigate to Config > API access. If your organisation agrees to the terms, click the I agree button, this will enable the use of the API to interrogate your myhrtoolkit data separate from the standard web-based user interface.

The Authentication keys required to gain programmatic access to the data can be created using the Keys option in API Access.

  • Your API credentials allow full controller-level access to any available API route. Any third party developing your application will have access to your data.
  • API access is available to you for internal use only. The API is intended for integration of myhrtoolkit and other applications it will not by used to replicate, rebrand or resell myhrtoolkit functionality without prior written agreement.
  • We reserve the right to rate limit requests if we believe your application is making too many requests.

After signing up to use the myhrtoolkit API, access to data is via authentication keys. We have provided a facility for keys to be created, stored and their usage tracked.

For further details about how keys are used in authentication and querying data, see the API Technical Documentation.

Working with API Keys

An overview of the normal usage - creation, viewing, and deletion of Keys - can be found in the Guide to using the myhrtoolkit API.

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