Using the Myhrtoolkit API

Myhrtoolkit's API provides a way for other application to "talk" to a Toolkit to enable productivity benefits in running a company. An overview of configuring a Toolkit for using the API can be found in the guide to the myhrtoolkie API; this document will focus on using API 'Keys' to integrate with other software products.

This page is aimed at Controllers

Working with API Keys

Navigate to Config > API Access > Keys


For each key generated details of its last usage is given in its row, and there are options to edit, delete, or view details.

Adding and updating a Key

To add a new key, click the + Key button and provide a meaningful title. This will generate a new key. The full details of the key (ID and Secret) can be found using the Details option of the key-row's Actions menu.

Editing of a Key's title is achieved via the Edit option of the key-row's Actions menu. Updating the title doesn't change the actual key.




Deleting a Key

To delete a key, use the Delete option of the key-row's Actions menu.

Note – that deleting a key will have an impact on accessibility if that key is still in use, as it revokes access to the myhrtoolkit API.
Viewing the log

It is possible to view what actions have been taken relating to keys using the Log button in the top right of the API page. This log records actions such as key-creation dates, usage dates, etc.

To switch back to the Keys administration use the Keys button now in the top right of the API page.

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