Pay and Benefits - FAQ

Myhrtoolkit's Pay and Benefits module provides a simple but powerful method of keeping track of what options are available to employees via their company, and what they have chosen.

How do I add a new pay record?

Navigate to Management > Pay and Benefits > Pay, find the required employee, then click the 'Edit' button for their row (notepad icon).

On the new screen select the 'Add pay deal' button (top right).

Fill out the form. Additional notes (e.g. 'Promotion') can be added, as can any additional documents. The newly added deal will be shown in its correct place in the timeline of the employee's pay deals.

Pay and Benefits Add Pay deal

Can I edit and remove records?

To edit or remove a pay record, navigate to Management > Pay and Benefits > Pay, find the required employee, and click the 'Edit' button for their row (notepad icon).

In the new screen that appears, find the row of the pay deal to edit. To edit the deal, click the notepad icon. When ready, use the 'Update pay deal' button.

To delete the deal, click the dustbin icon.

What bulk actions are available?

In addition to the importing of pay records, there is also a function to bulk assign PAYE records, and employee benefits.

Bulk assigning PAYE records

For more details see the PAYE section of the dedicated page for Managers and Controllers Pay and Benefits.

Bulk Assigning benefits

For more details see the Assign Benefits section of the dedicated page for Managers and Controllers Pay and Benefits.

Can I add dates to benefits?

A defined 'Benefit' has no associated dates, but when assigned to an employee it has at least a Start date. Assigned Benefits can leave the End date as 'Not set' indicating an open-ended use of the Benefit.

When 'Bulk assigning' a Benefit to a number of employees, Start and End dates are applied the same was as when assigning to a single person.

Pay and Benefits Dates

Can I add documents to pay records?


When adding a new Pay deal, or editing an existing one, there is provision to add documentation at the foot of the form.

Pay and Benefits Add Pay deal documents

Can I import pay records?


As with other myhrtoolkit import functions, this is a two step process where a shell spreadsheet is downloaded, populated with information that will be needed to match records on future upload; that spreadsheet is then filled in with the required information; and is finally uploaded back in to myhrtoolkit.

Pay and Benefits Managers import pay records

The pay template file

There is a choice of downloading either a file containing all employees, or a file of just those without any pay information. The structure of both files is the same.

After downloading a template file, click the Next > button for a page of instructions about how to fill in the spreadsheet, formats, which columns are editable, optional, etc.

The upload

when the template file is filled in, either click through to the next page, or if returning to upload use the Skip to upload file > button on the first step.

Use the Upload file button to select the file. On processing the file, a confirmation page shows a subset of the new data, and if this appears to be correct click the Confirm and import button.

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