Performance Management - Scheduling Meeting

Scheduling meetings is the administrative element in myhrtoolkit's Performance Management module. It uses Meeting Types to define the nature of a meeting, then provides flexibility for cyclical appointments at varying intervals, or simple one-off events.

Scheduling a meeting

Navigate to Management > Performance Management and select Meeting Schedule. Click the Add future meeting button on the top right.

The Add future meeting dialog is in four sections...

1. Employee

Select the employee whose performance the meeting is about.


2. Manager

Select the manager who will conduct the meeting.


3. Details

Provide the scheduling details required for how often the meeting repeats, who is notified etc.


4. Confirmation

On confirming the information is correct, the meeting will be placed in both the Meeting schedule tab, and the My meetings as manager tab of the relevant manager.


Video walk-throughs

This video shows the steps taken when scheduling a meeting:

This video shows how to stop the recurrence of a cycle of scheduled meetings:

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