Can your HR systems add value to your business?

Published on January 31, 2013 by Fiona Sanderson
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HR systems add value to business

Every organisation has to keep track of numerous HR processes, and it can be a time consuming business. But with the right HR systems in place it can also positively impact organisational performance, ultimately creating value for your business.

Converting to a cloud HR system

Cloud-based HR systems can be highly valuable for a business, especially growing SMEs. Efficient HR administration with an online HR software system can save you a lot of time and money. Benefits of cloud-based solutions include ease of access, customisation, and affordable subscription options for smaller teams (as many have scalable pricing systems based on company size).

In an article for Forbes examining the effect of talent management software on business recruitment efforts, Josh Bersin notes that "companies are converting from on-premises to cloud-based HR software in droves."

Roger Moore, General Manager at Bond Teamspirit, also highlighted the conversion trend this year, stating that “HR software using the web platform is going to be very important” for 2013 and beyond. We certainly agree!

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HR systems that add value

In research analysing 600 organisations’ performance in variety of HR processes, Josh Bersin observes that not only can ‘re-engineering’ HR systems streamline operational processes, it can also result in "26% greater revenue per employee".

Is it time your organisation made the transfer to an online, cloud-based HR system? Here are a few more guides from myhrtoolkit to get you started:

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