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Published on June 23, 2017 by Camille Brouard
Gender neutrality in HR software

Myhrtoolkit HR software adds a gender neutrality update

According to the Office of National statistics, gender identity is a personal internal perception of oneself. As such, the gender category with which a person identifies may not match the gender they were assigned at birth. Gender neutrality is a response for that particular need to include people who do not fall into the male or female category. Instead, everyone can choose the pronouns that best represent themselves.

In software systems and in the wider world, gender neutrality is an important step for effective LGBT inclusion. This is why we've updated our system to have a range of gender options, which is important in particular for supporting transgender employees.

An HR system with gender neutrality options

Myhrtoolkit has ensured that its HR system fully supports gender neutrality and inclusion. Organisations can now accurately represent their existing gender policies to best support their workforce. Employees are given access to tools allowing them to self-identify and own their record, with changes able to be applied at any time. Integrated reporting allows the business to quickly identify and respond to the diversity of its workforce.

Bob Teasdale, the Operations Director of myhrtoolkit said “We were initially prompted to consider this by number of progressive customers.  What was interesting, was that as we consulted and subsequently developed these new features, we found an underlying appetite for this approach across a far wider group of myhrtoolkit users. We add new features all the time and although this is not the most complex we’ve ever done, it is certainly one that we are very proud of.”

This could potentially be a small step towards standardised inclusiveness and ensure every employee’s wellbeing in the workforce. For more information about how to use the gender neutrality setting in myhrtoolkit, see our support guide.

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