Discount on staff Family Care services for myhrtoolkit customers

Published on March 10, 2020 by Camille Brouard
Parental Choice family care offer for myhrtoolkit customers

Offer: discount on staff family services for myhrtoolkit customers

Myhrtoolkit is delighted to be partnering with Parental Choice to offer our customers a discount off their Family Care services.

Parental Choice are family wellbeing experts, who provide support to businesses and their employees. These services help employees with the emotional and logistical challenges which arise as a result of being a parent or carer for an elderly relative.

Why it’s important to consider family wellbeing in the workplace

  • The Global Wellness Institute estimated in 2019 that workforce unwellness (chronic disease, work-related injuries and illnesses, work-related stress, and employee disengagement) may cost the global economy 10–15 % of economic output every year.
  • 54,000 women in the UK per year do not return to work after maternity leave when they wanted to, due to issues with childcare or maternity leave discrimination (Equality and Human Rights Commission Report 2015).
  • Presenteeism, where employees attend work whilst suffering from stress or poor mental health, cost UK firms up to £29bn last year in lost productivity, according to Deloitte’s January 2020 report on “Mental health and employers”.

Consider then that employee retention is a major issue for both big and small companies whilst the cost of recruitment is on average 10-25% of the candidate’s gross annual salary. Add in the cost of disruption and the loss of skills and training and you really should be considering how you can help.

As a small business owner, you will probably feel employee absence, resignation or reduced productivity more keenly than a large corporate, so it makes sense to do what you can to support your employees physically and mentally.

Family Care services with Parental Choice

For a small investment per month, you will be able to access a package of services which will include:

  • Access to the SME community wellbeing programme, which releases four talks per year on set days per quarter (available as video downloads).
  • One hour of 1-2-1 phone consultations per year (split into 15 – 20 minute sessions) for employees on any childcare or eldercare issue.
  • 10% employee discount on Parental Choice childcare/school/eldercare searches.
  • 10% employee discount on Parental Choice’s employment services (DBS, contract, payroll) when employing a nanny, housekeeper etc.
  • Access to downloadable fact sheets and useful information on childcare, mental health and eldercare.

Normally priced £100 plus VAT per month, myhrtoolkit clients will get one month free when signing up for a 12 month contract*.

For those individual employees that you wish to support, there is also the option to purchase a childcare search (covering schools, nurseries or childminders) or an eldercare search (covering care homes) at a discounted rate as and when required.

These searches provide a list of options that match an individual’s requirements within a 5 mile radius of an employee’s chosen location, including availability and rating (good or outstanding) by Ofsted. The searches include full consultations with our experts and advice on the right choice for an employee’s family to fit their working lives.

For more information contact Christiana Powell on 020 8979 6453 or email

*Register and you will receive 13 months of benefits for your employees for the price of 12. Mention myhrtoolkit when you speak to the Parental Choice team.

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