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Published on March 3, 2020 by Camille Brouard
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Announcing our new webinar series

From March 2020, myhrtoolkit will be delivering more webinars for our customers, business partners and SMEs looking for HR and business topics relevant to them.

As we create more webinars, they will become available as free video resources on our website so everyone can access useful information about the myhrtoolkit system and the HR and business strategies that matter to SMEs.

On demand webinars

We record all our webinars and make them available on demand, though attending the webinar when it's running is the best option for getting your questions answered! Check out some of our previous webinars below:

The future of flexible working: is it looking bright?

Is flexible working going to become a more integral part of workplaces in ‘the new normal’? Let's explore the flexible working landscape post-coronavirus with guest speaker, HR professional Gemma Dale, a university lecturer and HR consultant with significant experience in employee relations and employment law.

Access it here >

Harnessing HR data to boost business performance

How can you use your HR data to boost business performance? HR data expert Alastair Swindlehurst guides you through how to use your HR data as an insightful barometer for your business processes and decisions.

Access it here >

Reducing employee stress: a guide for SME managers

Given the rapid changes to workplaces caused by COVID-19, many people's stress responses have gone into overdrive from facing uncertainty and making big adjustments. In this webinar we're joined by stress expert Geraldine Joaquim, who specialises in stress management strategies.

Access it here >

Using social media to bounce back after lockdown

Guest speaker Rik Courtney, the Director of the social media company Be More Social, discusses the 5 fundamental must do’s of social media you can use to get ahead. Rik gives some key hints, tips and strategies around how to use social media to grow brand awareness and generate more business.

Access it here >

Remote working: avoid the employment law pitfalls

How can employers make sure they are staying on the right side of employment law while all or part of their workforce is remote? We are joined by Toby Pochron, Managing Associate at Freeths LLP, to discuss the potential employment law pitfalls associated with remote working.

Access it here >

Tackling staff fears around returning to work

How are you considering the health & safety and particularly the mental health of your employees beyond lockdown? HR expert Alison Schreiber will guide you through what to consider and expect in the return to the office after remote working and staff returning to work after furlough.

Access it here >

Leadership in the new normal: how SME leaders can thrive

What will business leadership look like in a post-COVID world? Watch our webinar on SME leadership skills in 'the new normal', where myhrtoolkit CEO Jon Curtis is joined by international speaker and best-selling author Steve Cockram of GiANT.

Access it here >

Responding to COVID-19: An employer’s guide to homeworking

In this webinar, myhrtoolkit’s CEO Jon Curtis, Chief Technology Officer Kit Barker, and Customer Engagement Director Bob Teasdale will talk you through the key areas to consider before and when sending staff home to work remotely.

Access it here >

Previous webinars

We also have some previous webinars done in partnership with hireful available online, including:

How does HR software help SMEs stay GDPR compliant?

In this webinar, myhrtoolkit CEO and ex-employment lawyer Jon Curtis shows how HR software can help SMEs with GDPR compliance.

How to choose the best HR software for your business

In this round-table webinar with a panel of experts, Jon Curtis was a guest speaker answering questions around how to choose the ideal HR software system.

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