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How to effectively attract clients to your HR consultancy

Looking to grow your business? Learn how to effectively attract clients to your HR consultancy and retain them, in our short webinar recording tailored for HR consultants.

Marketing your HR consultancy 101

Could your HR consultancy improve its marketing efforts? In this webinar for HR Consultants, you will learn how you can grow your HR consultancy with some actionable marketing advice.

How to make your consultancy website come to life

Does your consultancy website make your clients and prospective clients go "wow!" or does it leave them feeling uninspired to give you a call? Make sure you watch this webinar for consultants, where myhrtoolkit's Marketing Manager and website design guru Cliff Hewson gives his tips and techniques on what makes a website successful.

Webinar: Networking for HR and business consultants

What is virtual networking and how can you use it to connect with potential new clients? Business networking coach, Stewart Leahy will show you how to pitch your services at virtual network meetings, how to host a great virtual networking event, and his techniques and tips to really stand out.

How to maximise your LinkedIn platform as a consultant

Using LinkedIn actively can help consultant to stay engaged with their existing network, as well as find potential clients. Join myhrtoolkit’s Social Media and Digital Marketing Executive, Hannah Wheater as she outlines how to grow your network, find new clients, and engage with your network and community.

How to create compelling content to attract clients

Want more content on your website and social media but not sure what to create and what will capture the attention of potential clients? Myhrtoolkit Senior Marketing Executive Camille Brouard will be sharing her tips and tricks on how to create compelling content that builds up your audience.

Quick SEO wins for your HR consultancy

When it comes to search engine optimisation (SEO), there are many techniques you can use to help more people find your consultancy. Myhrtoolkit Senior Marketing Executive Camille Brouard runs through what you can do to optimise your website, focusing on 'quick wins' to incorporate into how you structure your content and leverage external resources.

How to get great reviews for your consultancy

The reviews you get online can drastically impact on the opinions of clients and prospects. Learn how to generate the right reviews for your business! In this webinar for HR and business consultants, myhrtoolkit social media and digital marketing executive, Hannah Wheater identifies different types of reviews, platforms to use to get reviews, and the best tactics and approaches to get reviews.

Why social media is an HR professional’s best friend

Social media can provide functional and time efficient activities for HR consultants and HR managers alike. Join myhrtoolkit’s Social Media and Digital Marketing Executive, Hannah Wheater and find out her tips and tricks for using social media effectively as a HR professional.

How to successfully nurture client relationships

How can you successfully nurture client relationships that are fruitful and long lasting? Myhrtoolkit Customer Engagement Director Bob Teasdale shares his actionable tips and tricks in this webinar for HR consultants who want to form more long-term relationships with clients that are mutually beneficial.

Running engaging webinars as a HR professional

In this webinar on running engaging webinars, myhrtoolkit Senior Marketing Executive Camille Brouard runs through how we present business/HR webinars to audiences of 50+ people and keep them engaged as regular attendees. This webinar is perfect for HR advisors and consultants who are looking to use webinars to engage with their clients and SME audiences.