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Getting started with Calendar integration

You can create a new calendar in Outlook or Google Calendars which will automatically “sync” with your holiday chart within myhrtoolkit. This means you can check holiday dates from the calendar program in your email client. The controller in your organisation will need to enable calendar integration first before anyone else can use it.

Ordinary users can skip the section on Activating calendar integration since this applies to controllers only. There are detailed instructions here on how to configure calendar integration in Outlook and Google Calendar.

When calendar integration is activated, employees will be sent an email that contains a web link required to configure calendar integration. The same email has another link for instructions on what to do next.

Will employees be able to see everyone’s holidays?

For controllers: Activating Calendar Integration


For users: Generate calendar links



  • You will need to wait around 15-20 minutes before the generated link becomes active. If you try to use the link before this, you will be taken to an error page.
  • There is a guide covering adding your calendar to common calendar applications (e.g. Outlook, Google) here.



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