Getting started with calendar integration

You can create a new calendar in Outlook or Google Calendars which will automatically “sync” with your holiday chart within myhrtoolkit. This means you can check holiday dates from the calendar program in your email client. A Controller in your organisation will need to enable calendar integration first before anyone else can use it.

Ordinary users can skip the section on Activating calendar integration since this applies to controllers only. There are detailed instructions on how to configure for Outlook and Google Calendar in our common calendar integrations support page.

When calendar integration is activated, employees will be sent an email that contains a web link required to configure calendar integration. The same email has another link for instructions on what to do next.


Employees will only see the people they can already see in the software system’s holiday chart.

Controllers can change what employees can see by going to Config > System > Calendar and finding the Access to holiday chart section.

There are settings to change what managers can see too. These settings only affect managers when viewing the holiday/attendance chart within the system.

The integrated calendar for managers will follow the rules set for standard employees.

For controllers: Activating Calendar Integration

To activate Calendar Integration, a Controller should navigate to Config > System, then the Calendar integration section and turn this feature on.

If Calendar integration does not appear in Config, it has not been enabled for your business. This can be enabled by contacting the myhrtoolkit service desk. Once Calendar Integration has been turned on by a Controller, everyone will be sent an email notification advising of this.

For users: Generate calendar links

When integrating the calendar, we recommend selecting “Open as New” rather than “Import”. 


“Open as New” allows the calendar to sit side by side next to your usual (outlook) calendar & appears under "Other Calendars" in the calendar pane. It mirrors all the holidays that you can see in myhrtoolkit calendar. 

Selecting “Import” will import everyone's holiday directly in to your (outlook) calendar and not separate them into a new calendar viewing pane. The only way to remove the imported holiday dates is to manually delete them & then delete the calendar from your list of available calendars. 

Employees need to generate their calendar links by clicking on the link that says Click here to generate your calendar link.

Generate a calendar link

If you have deleted the message from your message board you can also click on the “Reset my calendar link” link in Myhome > Holidays > Outlook options.

myhrtoolkit calendar integration

After clicking on Generate a calendar link you will be sent an email with a link that you need to configure your calendar in Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar.

Email for calendar link from myhrtoolkit

Not received an email?

Check your spam to see if it has gone into there. If the email has gone into spam, ensure that you mark myhrtoolkit as a “safe sender” of emails in the spam options. This should stop any further emails going into spam.

Check with your myhrtoolkit controller to ensure that they have your correct email address in Management > Bulk data > People > System emails.

If you still don’t receive an email, go to Myhome > Holidays > Outlook options and request your link to be emailed again.

If you still don’t receive an email, ask your myhrtoolkit system controller to contact support.

Highlight the link sent to your email (do not include any spaces) and copy (usually right click and copy). You will need to paste this link into your calendar system.

To unsubscribe from a myhrtoolkit calendar, follow the instructions on the unsubscribe page.

  • You will need to wait around 15-20 minutes before the generated link becomes active. If you try to use the link before this, you will be taken to an error page.
  • For advice covering adding your calendar to common calendar applications (e.g. Outlook, Google), see our common calendar integrations support page.

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