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Employee’s frequently asked questions

What is Myhrtoolkit?

Myhrtoolkit is a hosted software service. That means that the software itself and any data you store on it is not kept on your company server but is stored on a secure third party sever.

Myhrtoolkit is a human resources administration system. It is designed to help your employer manage you, and to help you manage your own information effectively and simply.

Myhrtoolkit will help you manage your holidays, your sickness absence, your HR documents, appraisals, tasks and so on.

Who can see my data?

None of the other employees can see your data: employees can only see data about themselves. However, those designated as “managers” on the system may be able to see some or all of your data, but only the extent allowed by the system “controllers.” Those who are “controllers” can see all of the data on the system.

Other employees will be able to see your holiday dates on the online holiday chart.

As far as any absence information is concerned the default setting is that your manager is able to the dates of any sickness absence, but not the reasons for illness, or the self-certification forms you may have filled out. Only managers and controllers who have been given the advanced “absence manager” rights can see the reasons for illness.

Where is the data stored?

The data on myhrtoolkit is stored on a “third party” server with the UK based company, Rackspace. Rackspace is one of the world’s best hosting agents so you can be sure that the hosting of your data is managed to a very high degree of professionalism.

How secure is the data?

We take a lot of time and energy to ensure that your data is secure to commercial standards.

The database on which your data is stored is encrypted, and the data is encrypted whilst it is underway from server to screen.

As ever, the biggest threat to your data is password security, so please make sure that you choose a secure password and that you follow the guidelines set out in the password section.

Who checks my data?

You should check your own data by looking through the icons in the Myhome page. Be sure to tell your manager if any of the data is wrong.

Does myhrtoolkit use JavaScript?

In line with the majority of modern websites, myhrtoolkit requires JavaScript to be enabled in your browser. Without JavaScript enabled, much of the application will work but we cannot ensure 100% functionality. We do not currently support accessing the site without JavaScript enabled.

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