General users' guide to Myhome

Welcome to myhrtoolkit’s HR software for SMEs!

This is a brief note on using the Myhome area of myhrtoolkit. This area is available to all users of myhrtoolkit.

Myhrtoolkit – Some background information

Myhrtoolkit HR software has three levels of user:

Employees – who can only see their own information;

Managers – who can also see some information about the employees they manage (how much information depends on the authority levels they are awarded by the controllers); and

Controllers – who can see all the information and can change the website settings.

Note – Our servers run scheduled maintenance between 4am and 5am every Saturday. In the event that you are trying to access the system during this time, you may temporarily have issues logging in and/or using your myhrtoolkit.
Password security

It is important for you to choose a password that is secure. If you go to Account > Login details you are able to change your password to something memorable. The system will also tell you how strong your password is.

Please ensure that your username and password is at least 8 digits long and a mix of numbers and letters.

We would ask you NOT to:

  • use a password that you use for other purposes;
  • use a password that contains your name, your partner’s or children’s names, or your date of birth.


  • use a password that anyone else knows; or
  • use a password that contains any PIN code or any password that gives access to your own financial information.

For your security, please make sure you enter a password that you don’t use on other websites.

A guide to logging in to your myhrtoolkit system can be found here.

If you have lost your password, a help document can be found here.

Myhome Overview

Myhome message board

The message board

The message board is the place where the majority of system communication takes place. You will receive a message and normally, next to the message, on the right-hand side, there is a “noted” button for you to press once you have read the message. The message will then disappear.

In some cases if you receive a document, you may be asked to confirm that you have read and understood the document. In other cases, the system will merely log when you opened a document to read.

Sometimes you might get an email from the system asking you to log in. When you do; check the message board, there will normally be a message for you.

Myhome my file

My file

This is a record of your personal information. You should check that all the data is correct.

Some of the data, such as your address, you can update yourself. Your manager may be notified if changes are made, and an audit trail is kept of changes.

Myhome holidays


In the holiday section, you will see navigation tabs for: Holiday summary, Calendar, and Book holiday dates. You may have some other tabs as well if you are a manager or a controller.

For further details, see the Users' Guide to using Holidays.

Myhome absence icon


In myhrtoolkit there are two different types of absence (other than holiday absence): sickness absence and general absence. General absences are all kinds of absences other than sickness or holiday.

For users, there is a guide for handling sickness absence.
General absence is dealt with only by managers, and can be read about in the Managers'/Controllers' guide to General Absence.

Myhome comms icon


Using myhrtoolkit it is possible to both send and receive messages and documents to and from all employees or any selection of employees.

This facility should only be used for business rather than private messages.

For documentation on the Comms functionality see the Comms Guide for Users.

Myhome document library icon

Document Library

You can select any of the documents in the document library to view. Simply click on the relevant sub-navigation (e.g. “induction”) and you will see the document along with the date it was sent you, and the date you opened it.

For further reading, see the guide to the Document Library.

Myhome appraisals icon


You are able to view your previous appraisal history by clicking on this icon.

Appraisals are examined in greater depth in the Users's guide to Appraisals.

Myhome training icon


You, or your manager, are able to add a record of the training you have undertaken. Add the dates, and the record, and any other information you wish to, and hit submit!

A more comprehensive overview of training can be found Users' guide to Training.

Myhome disciplinary record icon

Disciplinary Record

If you have a disciplinary record, it will either be a formal verbal warning, a written warning, or a final written warning.

Each record has a default expiry time. Once the warning has expired it will continue to show in your record, until the relevant manager archives the record.

Myhome hours icon


In the hours tab, if your employer chooses to use it, you will see a work profile which should accurately describe the hours you do as an employee.

If this is incorrect, please let you manager know.

Myhome my tasks icon


Myhrtoolkit provides a tool for managing various one-off and repeated tasks that they and their reports may be required to do. These could be common cyclic reports, items arising from a meeting, or any other functions for which the ability to assign and track the tasks is vital to the smooth running of your business.

An introduction to tasks can be found in the Users' guide to Tasks.

Myhome pay and benefits icon

Pay and benefits

Depending on how your organisation has configured myhrtoolkit, you can check your pay history by clicking on “basic pay”.
Please ensure it is correct. If it is not, please contact your manager.

It is possible that the hours status % is applied to your pay. In the benefits section you can see which benefits apply to you now. Your employer may have uploaded the documents relevant to the benefit.


Employee directory

In the employee directory you can find contact details for other employees.

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