Exporting payroll data from myhrtoolkit

Myhrtoolkit provides many export formats for a variety of uses, one of which is a dataset for targeting Payroll applications. To use this functionality requires that the user be a Controller, or a Manager with access rights to Pay and benefits.

To export data for Payroll, navigate to Management > Pay and benefits > Payroll export.

pay and  benefits - payroll report

Select the subset of employees required using the usual myhrtoolkit selection tools. Using the Export on the top right, a file in CSV format will be downloaded of the employees listed in your report.

  • Multiple exports may be required to export details for large numbers of employees
  • Further manipulation of the export dataset may be required before import into a Payroll application. Please consult that application's support documentation.
Payroll export fields

The fields exported in the CSV file are

  • Employee name
  • Location
  • Department
  • Job title
  • Join date
  • Leave date
  • NI No
  • Staff No
  • Payroll No
  • Date of birth
  • Last pay deal 
  • Payment frequency
  • Currency
  • Pay per period
  • Hours status
  • Actual pay
  • Notes