Managing Managers' rights

Myhrtoolkit allows Controllers quite detailed configuration of what the Managers have access to on the Management dashboard.

Navigate to Config > Access rights > Managers’ rights.

Managers' rights on myhrtoolkit

All the Managers are listed in the table, along with tick boxes for each of the functions available for configuration. Some items are simple binary choices, others have more granulated access available (e.g. Appraisals, Pay & Benefits). Some Managers have access to certain features by default as a result of being Holiday or Absence Managers.

Controllers have complete system access, and as such cannot have permissions removed.

After making the updates required, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Submit.

Managing Other Rights

There are two other places where further access rights are granted:

  • Config > Access rights – Managers’ document rights and

  • Config > System > Access to holiday chart.

Assigning minimal rights to managers

It is sometimes necessary to limit a Manager’s access, for instance if someone has been made a Manager for the sole function of them being a Holiday Manager.
This article, Granting a manager minimal permissions, outlines how to do this.

Access Rights

In the Managers’ Rights grid mentioned above there is an option for controlling whether the Access Rights icon is shown on a Manager’s Management toolbar.

Access Rights grants a read only view of which users have rights to certain areas of the system (Controllers have additional links on the pages providing shortcuts to Config).

It is divided into four areas

  • Controllers – Shows who the controllers are within an organisation

  • Managers – Highlights which parts of the system are available to other Managers

  • Holidays –

    • Lists who are Holiday Managers, and the users they oversee;

    • Outlines access rights surrounding the Calendar

    • Lists those Managers who have been granted the right to Self-Authorise Holiday

  • Absence – Lists who has been designated an Absence Manager

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