General absence management – Managers & Controllers

Myhrtoolkit provides easy administration and comprehensive tracking of employee’s absence for non–sickness and non–holiday–related reasons.

General absence

Managers can record and view general absence for the employees they manage. Controllers, as system administrators, are able to see a whole-company view of general absence. Both user types use the same screen accessed different ways.

  • Managers
    To access the absence management facilities, from the Management dashboard, select Absence then the General absence dates tab.
  • Controllers
    To access the absence management facilities, navigate to Config > System > Absence.
General absence management in myhrtoolkit

Select the type of absence and whether the duration is greater or less than a full day and submit.

The confirmation pages are similar for both. If the duration is less than one day, select the period from the drop down box. When you have provided the required information, submit the page.

Confirm a general absence using HR software

To delete a general absence entry, use the Delete link on the right of an absence row.

Users can view their general absence from Myhome > Absence > General absence history.

There is a general absence report available via the Management > Absence > Absence reports > General absence. It is filterable by year, and has an option to export to Excel.

Create a general absence report

Note – the functionality to administer general absence is reserved for controllers and managers; normal users can only see their general absence recorded in the absence section of their Myhome.

Controllers can administer the types of absence allowable in the drop-down pick list; details can be found in the support for Managing general absence types.

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