A guide to hours status

Each employee in myhrtoolkit will be allocated an ‘Hours Status’. This status defines whether they are working Fixed hours or Variable hours. This setting affects the way in which holidays are managed and the pro-rating of employee pay by the myhrtoolkit system.

Hours Status

Myhrtoolkit software has three categories of employee work-time arrangements:

  • Full Time (Fixed Hours)

  • Part Time (Fixed Hours)

  • Variable Hours

This is normally assigned during the New Employee Wizard, but can be amended later as required.

Changes in Fixed Hours are recorded with an ‘effective-from date’ and a percentage. Future dates can be used as well as current or (in most circumstances) historical dates; myhrtoolkit will use the correct date-appropriate settings as its basis for calculating other values, such as pay and holiday entitlement.

For instance, an employee working full time would be allocated 100% of the pay and entitlement of the FTE allowance of their job role. Where a part time employee works 60% of the hours of the same job, myhrtoolkit will automatically allocate the correct holiday allowance and indicate what their salary should be.

It is important to keep an employee's Hours Status up to date to ensure their Holiday Entitlement remains correct.

We have two guides to help you administer an employee’s Hours Status:

Myhrtoolkit will also allow Annualised Hours to be entered and tracked against a employee’s record. There is also a guide to Annualised Hours calculation.

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