Health and safety – Getting started

Myhrtoolkit’s Health and Safety module provides functions for monitoring various aspects of Health and Safety within your workplace. Managers can be given the ability to record accidents, monitor vulnerable employees, keep track of H&S documentation, manage custom forms, etc.

Health and safety software accident book
Accident Book
For the recording of accidents within the workplace.
See here for more details
Health and safety software welfare tags
Welfare Tags
Allows for the tagging of vulnerable employees, such as lone workers and pregnant staff.
See here for more details
Health and safety document library
Document Library
A Document Library for the H&S section, a repository for all relevant Health and Safety documentation.
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Health and safety custom forms
Custom Forms
Create new forms for specific H&S needs within your workplace.
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The module also includes some additional roles for managers.

Health and Safety roles

The Health And Safety module adds three additional roles. These roles transcend certain myhrtoolkit demarcations of reporting – e.g. an H&S User can make an accident report for an employee they don’t manage, or in an unregistered location such as the car park.

H&S User A manager who has been given access to one or more of the Health & Safety features.
Uses the features in day to day operation
H&S Representative A company’s internal nominated H&S specialist(s)
Receives emails when key actions occur – accidents recorded etc.
H&S Representatives can be normal users
H&S Advisor A professional advisor either within your company, or an external provider you use
Details are displayed to H&S Representatives within relevant emails

Setting up Health and Safety

Use the Health and Safety permissions in Config > Access rights > User permissions to assign roles to users.

Locate the users to whom you wish to grant permissions, and click the green button on the right. In the ‘Edit Permissions’ pop-up that appears, switch on the required permissions and click ‘Update.’

Accessing the Health and Safety functions

All users have a Custom forms icon for filling in forms created in the H&S module; Managers assigned a Health And Safety role will have a Health and Safety icon added to their Management toolbar.