Hours status – Pay and holidays

The relationship between Hours status with pay and holidays on myhrtoolkit

Myhrtoolkit’s Hours status is a powerful property assigned against every employee, and is a major component of pay and holiday entitlements.

This page is a supplement to the Guide to Hours Status and the Hours Status Reference Guide. Here we explain the relationship between Hours status and pay/holiday entitlement.

Hours Status

An Hours status entry has a start date and a percentage value (or a Variable Hours indicator). The current value will run indefinitely or until a new entry with a ‘newer’ date is encountered.

Additions and changes to Hours status can only be completed via the Hours status page (Management > Hours status). The Hours status page displays each entry in chronological order with the oldest start date at the top (this entry will be marked (start date) and is added during the setup process). From this, the system can work out the appropriate Hours status value for any date.


Pay entries can be added manually and include a start date (via Management > Pay and benefits). The page organises these entries in chronological order with the oldest start date at the top, and uses this to work out he ‘current’ pay value.

If a new Hours status record is added, the existing pay entry will be ‘split’, and a new pay entry will automatically be created to reflect the changed percentage.


Holiday entitlements can be added manually (Management > Holidays > Employee holiday entitlements) and include a start date. The entitlements are displayed in chronological order starting with the oldest at the top.

If a new hours status record is added, a new entry is added into the holiday entitlements to reflect this. There is a toggle to choose whether the system will pro rate a user’s entitlement based on their hours status record (only if part time).

Note – Adding or amending holiday entitlement records doesn’t affect or change anything in hours status. If you add or amend a holiday record that is in the past, it will reflect the hours status entry that was ‘current’ at the date you entered.

Hours status does not affect periods of Variable Hours