Config - An overview

Config is the go-to place for changing your system and access settings within myhrtoolkit. This page outlines the structure of Config and how to navigate to the settings you need.

Config separates out settings into two broad groups: Access rights and System. From the Config homepage, there is also a launch point for the Security Centre.

myhrtoolkit HR software config area

Access rights

The Access rights section covers settings affecting which of your users have logins to interact with myhrtoolkit, who are set up as Managers and Controllers, and various other permissions.

For more information see the Config: Access rights support area.

myhrtoolkit config access rights controllers

myhrtoolkit config access rights managers


The System section includes the settings for controlling the details surrounding Holidays, Absence, Triggers, Data retention, and more.

For more information see the Config: System support area.

myhrtoolkit config system organisation structure

Have you got questions about the Config area? Go to the Config FAQs page to find out more or get in touch with the Support team through the myhrtoolkit app.

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