Miscellaneous document categories in myhrtoolkit

In the Document library there is a Miscellaneous tab where a Controller or Manager with access can upload documents that don’t quite fit into any other area.

Within the Miscellaneous tab, you can create your own document categories.

Miscellaneous document categories in myhrtoolkit HR software


Create new miscellaneous document category

When a new document category is created, it will appear underneath the Current categories list. You can delete from here as required.

Note – If you delete a document category to which you have previously assigned a document, the document will remain and retain the category it was assigned when uploaded.

When you have uploaded a document and assigned its category, the category name will appear next to the document name in brackets.

The Category filter can be used to show documents only within a selected category.

The drop down menu will also show a list of categories that have previously been deleted, in case you’d like to search on documents with a previous category.

This will be shown with “(previously deleted)” next to the category name.

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