How to set up your myhrtoolkit system and go live

Planning for setup and going live

This guide offers thoughts on successfully planning the set up and roll out of your new myhrtoolkit, focusing on what you might consider before making a start.

Where’s my data?

Gather the data that you will require; the more that is already ‘online’ the better; this will greatly speed up your data entry.

  • Think about where your holiday and sickness records are kept, as well as employment documents such as contracts, CVs, and job descriptions.

  • Consider what level of data you wish to apply before going live. The system will allow you to go live with minimum levels of personal data. You can, however, upload a wealth of data and documents before going live.

  • Decide how much historical data you will include; both before and after you go live.

  • Remember, you can always add data, documents and change settings after you go live.

How can I speed up the upload process?

In order to accelerate the input of data into the myhrtoolkit system, there are four automated upload forms. Details about how to use them can be found in the guide to importing data during setup.

What other support is there?

  • Documentation

    There is a range of support material available by clicking on the First time setup – a guide link within the set up screen.

  • Support desk

    The myhrtoolkit Service desk operates UK office hours Monday to Friday. To submit a query for resolution, click on the I’ve got an enquiry about setup link within the set up screen.

What else do I need to consider?

Think about your locations, departments and job titles. If you set these up before uploading your personal data, you can include them on the personal details upload sheet.

If you have international locations (outside the UK) you can set up local public holidays. Check that we currently support your local currency units. If we haven’t included it already, let us know and we’ll add it for you.

How long will it take?

In many ways, it all comes down to how quickly you want to go live. There are a number of factors that will impact on the time it will take you to go live…

  • The amount of resource you have available to do the work. How many people/how much time will you allocate to setting up your HR software?

  • The number of users you will have.

  • The amount of data you choose to include – both at ‘go live’ and after.

Who will be my Controllers?

This is a very trustworthy position, as your Controllers will have access to all information about all of your people. Too few controllers and you might not have cover for absences; too many and there is a danger of confusion with system changes being made by one, unknown to the others. Somewhere between 2-4 is probably best.

Setting up the system and adding the data is the best way for a Controller to really learn about the system. After all, they will be taking the responsibility for its smooth operation once it goes live.

How can I take my system live?

There are four basic options for taking your system live, but it’s up to you. What will work best for your organisation? You can initially ‘Go live’ to:

  • Everyone

  • Just managers

  • Just one team – maybe HR

  • Just one geographic location

When you go live, the system allows you to choose from 2 options…

  1. Display the login details and initial passwords to you as controller, allowing a print off.

  2. Automatically emailing login and password to each person along with an introductory email.

See our ‘How to go live' guide for more information.

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