Setup guide


This guide walks you through the process of a first login to your myhrtoolkit system, setting up, and 'going live.'

Firstly, you will need to complete a 'new client form' to provide the details required to get your myhrtoolkit up and running.

Once this is complete, you will receive an email link to your newly created system, ready for you set up. This will be followed by an official welcome email with payment details.

An Outline of what happens when you first log on to a new myhrtoolkit installation is available in the "Log In" section of the "Initial Setup guide."

When you have first logged into your system, it will be in 'Setup' mode where there are two stages.

Stage 1 requires you to upload user details and sufficient information to enable the system to function. To assist we provide an automated upload spreadsheet where you can import much of your existing data. You will only be able to advance when you have added the required mandatory information.

Stage 2 allows you to include the level of optional information you wish, before making your system fully live to your organisation. This might include documents, previous sickness and holiday records for example.

Planning your set-up and roll-out

There is a guide offering thoughts on successfully planning the set up and roll out of your new myhrtoolkit, in particular focussing on what you might consider before making a start. See the Guide to Planning Setup.

Once you are ready to give access to your users you can choose to 'go live' either sending everyone an automated email containing their login and password, or by printing off a list of logins and one time passwords to be issued directly.

Note – If your installation is being set-up for you by an external provider, they will not be able to take your system live until you have logged in and accepted the terms and conditions.

  • The Set-up process
    • Stage 1: Initial Set-up
      1. When you first access the System Set Up, you will be in ‘Stage 1,’ as shown below.

      Myhrtoolkit HR software setup guide

      From this page you will enter all the basic information the system requires to function, including staff details and systems settings such as holiday year. You can use a number of upload spreadsheets to automate the process.

      The outline process is...

      1. Set up your Departments, Locations and Job Titles
      2. Upload your staff data via the 'Import employee data from Excel' link
      3. Upload previous sickness and leave as required via the automated spreadsheets provided.
      4. Set required system parameters (and other optional items as desired), such as:

      • Set up which users are managers, and the management hierarchy (lines 15 & 16)
      • Set the holiday year (ll. 33 & 34)
      • Employee holiday entitlements (l. 35)
      • Assign holiday groups and the associated manager(s) (l. 37)
      • Set up any self-authorising-holiday employees (l. 39)
      • Assign absence managers (l. 45)
      • Input any historic or known future general absence (l. 47)
      • Expiration periods of formal warnings, and historic formal warnings (ll. 48 & 49). (Some notes relating to formal warnings can be found in the Guide to Disciplinary Record.

      1. Progress to Stage 2

      Additional documentation helping with uploading/importing your data can be found in the Guide to Importing Data.

      • Once you have completed the initial set up screen and clicked on the 'I've finished the set up process' link, you will see the message below confirming that you have input sufficient employee details and that the system has enough information to function. If there is critical information missing, the system will not allow you to proceed and will instead advise you of the area needing attention.

        Going live on myhrtoolkit

      • When you click on the 'click here to continue to upload your company and employee documents' link shown in the above image, you will see the screen below. As a controller you now have full access to the system, but none of your employees do.

        Myhrtoolkit HR software dashboard

      You can now continue to set-up Stage 2.

    • Stage 2: Upload documents (Optional)

      In Stage 2 you can add documents, or allow users onto the system, known as Broadcast. If you choose to broadcast, you will still be able to add documents later.

      myhrtoolkit has provision for a wide range of document types, including:

      • Any company handbook or policies;
      • Any other rules or procedures relevant to the various departments;
      • The signed contract of employment for each employee (you may need to scan these in);
      • The blank “pro-forma” contracts that you will use for your future staff;
      • Any induction materials you have.
      • Any “general documents” your organisation uses (for instance expenses sheets etc).

      A guide for uploading and managing your document library can be found in the Managers'/Controllers' Document Library FAQ.

  • Go Live: Broadcast
    • Broadcast
      1. When you are ready to allow users to log in to your system, simply click on the blue 'click here' link at the top of the management tab – shown above.This takes you to the page below, where you are asked to check that all the system email addresses are correct. This is important as these will be used by myhrtoolkit to communicate with your employees.

        myhrtoolkit system setup email address confirmation

      2. Once you are satisfied that all the email addresses are correct, press the button shown at the bottom of the screen shown above.
      3. The emails sent will contain a time limited link for each user to click to log in, creating their username and allowing them to choose a password. The link will remain active for 7 days.

      Note – technically everyone is 'live,' but only those to whom emails were sent will be aware of the fact.

    • Broadcast with only selected individuals

      How to allow only a limited number of people access, perhaps key managers, to give them an opportunity to get to grips with the new HR tool.

      1. Within Config > Access rights > System access, ensure that only those people that you want to have initial access are set to 'Give access' and all others are set to 'No access'
      2. Follow the standard 'Broadcast' steps above
      3. This will make your system live and send out email notifications to your selected group
      4. As you choose to make others live, go to Config > Access rights > System access, and tick 'Give access' for all those you want to make live.
      5. People with previous access will not be affected
      Notes The above option can be used with an already live system. If someone is showing as 'Give access' within Config > Access rights > System access, but has yet to receive their login details, you will first need to change them to 'No access' and press submit. You can then follow the above. In order to create managers in the 'initial set up' stage, the individual must be set to 'Give Access' within Config > Access rights > System access. Links sent to users giving access to the system are time limited and will expire after seven days.
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