Reports in myhrtoolkit

The myhrtoolkit HR software system provides a full suite of reports that allows you to understand the various data captured by your system during day to day usage. We turn raw data into management information that helps you make informed business decisions.

All the reports are standardised to allow for easy use, consistency, and meaningful accurate comparison.

Below is a list of reports available alongside summarised descriptions of the reports.

General features

Filters and views

We provide the ability to focus and refine your reports through easy to use filters and views.

Views – reports can be switched between different time frames: a year-to-date or rolling 12 month view. Great for benchmarking, helping to drive personnel and business improvement.

Filters – Reports can be filtered via:

  • Time – drill down to the year and period that is in scope

  • Segment the workforce by Department and Location, combining them in a variety of ways

  • Ex Staff – you can choose to include or exclude former staff members from reports


All of our reports can be downloaded in a comma separated value (CSV) file format (a standard for data export). This allows you to

  • Manipulate reports, or combine it with other data sources to extract or add additional value

  • Share your reports by email or include as part of larger reports and documents

  • Print the reports

List of reports

Absence reports

  • sickness absence report

  • reasons for illness report

  • sickness absence analysis report – by department and location

  • general absence – everything bar sickness

  • all absence

Basic pay

  • basic pay

  • gross annual payroll

Full time equivalent employees

  • An overview of how employees are categorised with regard to Hours Status

Performance management

  • appraisal deadlines

  • probation

Login report

  • Measuring employees login rates


  • Leavers report


  • An overview of current disciplinary proceedings

Holiday reports

  • holiday entitlements

  • remaining holiday


  • training records

  • training costs

Document reminders

  • ID docs

  • visa / Work permit

  • miscellaneous

Employee data

  • employees personal details

  • employees work contact information

  • age and length of service

  • birthdays by month

  • employees emergency contact details

Working time regulations

  • An overview of employee’s WTR status

Staff numbers

  • starters and leavers

  • starters analysis

  • leavers analysis

  • head count

  • turnover + (details)

  • gender ratio

Payroll reports

  • employee payroll details

  • export to QTAC payroll

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