Two stage holiday approval on myhrtoolkit

Myhrtoolkit’s holiday management software has a provision to accommodate organisations that require holiday approval in two stages. The two stage holiday approval is activated by a Controller and affects Users and Managers. This document outlines the path of a holiday request from all perspectives.

Note – The holiday groups shown here are sparse for clarity – it is recommended to have more than one holiday manager assigned to holiday groups.

Switching on two stage holiday approval

To switch on two stage approval, a Controller must navigate to Config and follow the directions given in the “Manage holiday authorisation” section here (Point 4).

All holiday groups will need updating to accommodate the new setting.

Two stage holiday approval settings

Making a holiday Request

The mechanics of a User making a request are no different when two stage approval is activated; the process is detailed in this support page. After the request is submitted, the User is notified that it will need to pass through two managers before gaining approval.

User notified of two stage holiday approval

First stage of approval

The request will appear in the message boards of the first line managers as normal, however secondary line managers are also listed when approving the request.

First stage holiday approval

First stage holiday approval

Once approved the request will stay in the Manager’s outstanding holiday requests list, noting that it is awaiting further approval.

Holiday request awaiting further approval

The User will also be notified of this first round of approval, and the request changes accordingly in their holiday summary.

Holiday request approved by first manager

Second stage of approval

The request then moves to the second stage manager. The message board and the request will show that it has already passed through the first stage.

Holiday request for second stage manager

Holiday request approved by second manager

Request Approved

Once the request has passed through both stages, the user will be notified of the approval and the request passed through each manager.

Holiday request fully approved


  • At all points through the chain, emails detailing what is happening with the request are sent to the relevant members of the organisation.

  • If approval is switched from a two stage process back to single stage, any requests which have passed first stage approval, but waiting for the second stage Manager to sign off, will be given full approval immediately.

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