Annualised Hours

Note – Users can be set to one of 2 basic Hours Status: Fixed or Variable Hours.
What follows relates to user’s set to Fixed hours. Variable hours fall outside the scope of Annualised Hours.


Annualised Hours is an additional value that can be applied to a Fixed hours setting. It allows the input of hours that a user is expected to work within the next 12-month period.  The value is entered as if they were a full time employee.


Adding an Annualised Hours value

To add a user’s Annualised Hours, go to Management > Hours status.

To enter the Annualised Hours value, select Amend under the relevant period, type the full time value and click Submit.

An Annualised Hours value can be recorded for each separate Hours Status period (excluding Variable Hours).
If a part time percentage is set, this will be automatically applied to the Annualised Hours value entered.

Annualised hours will generally equal Full-time Hours per week * 52.14 (365 / 7). Some customers may wish to round to 52.

E.g. 37.5 Hours per week * 52.14 = 1955.25 Hours.


Calculation of Annualised Hours

Once values for Annualised Hours have been entered, myhrtoolkit will calculate the amount of hours that would have been expected to be worked over a period of up to 12 months previously. In doing this it will consider previous time periods, the annualised hours values, and the applicable part time percentage.

It will start at ‘Today’ and work back, calculating a rolling 12-month value unless prior to the 12-month window:

  • the user’s start date is reached;
  • there is an Hours status period with no Annualised Hours recorded; or
  • there is a period of Variable Hours.

If any user has Annualised Hours entered, an additional bar will appear under their record summarising their current Annualised Hours position.

Messages that may be displayed

Certain messages may be displayed in Management > Hours status > Annualised.

  1. Rolling 12 months
  2. This means that the Annualised Hours are working and it is able to calculate a rolling 12 months.

  3. Average annualised hours for incomplete year: from <Date>
  4. This tells you that the Toolkit is unable to calculate a full 12 months prior to the date shown in the message.
    This may be due to the employee not having completed a full year, or because the user had a period of Variable hours within the previous 12 months.
    It’s also possible that it’s because the employee was Variable Hours within the last 12 months.


The Annualised Hours tab

The Annualised Hours tab focusses purely on the Annualised Hours component of a user’s employment. The information is presented per user, and is filterable.

Filtering the Annualised Hours tab

Your users may have a variety of settings, reflecting the changing nature of their employment (and perhaps your organisation). To aid finding the information required, there is an on page filter where you can view:

  • All – Shows all users
  • Fixed – Lists all periods of Fixed hours for each user
  • Annualised – Lists all Annualised Hours periods for each user.
  • Variable hours – Lists all periods of Variable hours for each user.


Notes on periods of Variable Hours

  • You are not able to enter an annualised value for periods of Variable Hours.
  • A user can have a Fixed Hours period that is set to start in the future. This period can have an Annualised Hours value recorded against it.

    This future period and value will not affect the Annualised Hours calculation until the start of this future period.