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Insane or just doing the same thing you’ve always done?

It is human nature to welcome something that makes our lives easier, so why is that so often we find ourselves performing the same tasks over and over? Many of the HR departments we’ve consulted with over the years, have acknowledged that the antiquated processes they were repeating on a weekly or even daily basis, were just ‘what we’ve always done!’

In the work environment, these unproductive habits are often learned behaviour, departmental processes that have been inherited and haven’t quite caught up to the digital age. Changes to these processes and the modernisation of departmental workflows can be daunting to many staff and are often met with resistance.

As Einstein so succinctly put it: the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. So how do we tackle these elongated processes that are a drain on employees time, whilst motivating the workforce and getting their buy in to the fact that efficiency equates to better results and a happier workforce?

Any type of change whether in your personal or working life can be daunting and met with resistance, either personally or by those around you. But when you open yourself to change, amazing things start to happen, as you begin to see that what you thought was unachievable is actually well within reach.

A paper heavy profession.


It’s unlikely that the paperwork attracted you to the HR profession, often it’s the interaction with people that draws people into personnel. The mountains of forms and paperwork are generally accepted to be part and parcel of a HR role and when you add compliance and data protection into the mix, unavoidable and time consuming procedures and processes have to be put into place and upheld.

Information is power but when the majority of this information is in paper format it can very quickly start to make you feel overwhelmed. Paperwork can get lost or outdated as its passed from manager to employee and through various departments.

Human Resources is a strategic function and can be key to an organisations success, there are often more important things to be doing than chasing paperwork. We don’t expect you to get excited about document management but we know how much HR professionals appreciate a flow of information and quality data.

HR life made easier.

Efficient Processes equals improved HR results and happy staff

HR staff spend a large amount of their time managing paper which is not only inefficient, but a critical waste of time. To succeed in this environment requires you to be able to handle tasks and queries as effectively and efficiently as possible. Contracts, CV’s, annual leave requests, sickness and absence, salaries and expenses are just the tip of the paperwork iceberg managed by a Human Resources department. All of these documents need to be edited, stored and retrieved in a way that is quick, reliable and strictly confidential.

The key is an integrated Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) and electronic personnel files. It’s no longer necessary to store documents in binders and filing cabinets, further helping to reduce costs associated with printing and manual filing. The System also complies with locking and notification schedules and deletion of data beyond retention schedules.

Routine tasks such as questions from employees, management and accounting colleagues can be immediately answered thanks to DocuWare and full integrated HR software solutions such as our very own MyHRToolkit. The time previously needed for research in order to return calls is eliminated, providing more support for the entire workforce.

Increased productivity leads to job satisfaction


Processes and enquiries handled by HR can quickly become more efficient with DocuWare. From salary calculations to the onboarding of new staff, routine processes are made easier with information quickly retrievable by all members of staff where access has been granted. Processes such as authorising annual leave requests or overtime are accelerated through simple-to-operate electronic workflows, as DocuWare automatically steers documentation to the correct parties responsible for approval.

Transparency is key: you can always see exactly where a request stands and where bottlenecks in the system might be. This eliminates an employee having to wait for days for authorisation of a holiday request for example, resulting in staff feeling better supported and an increased sense of job satisfaction.

Maintaining confidentiality and compliance


DocuWare ensures that all personal information is kept discrete and tamper-free. The sensitive content of documents and the legal requirements set out by the Data Protection Act 1998 means that computer files, paper documents and e-mails must be handled with great care. The sheer volume of documentation and the different types of media available that documentation is now supplied in can make confidentiality and compliance a real challenge.

With DocuWare you can easily set up individual access rights and tamper-free electronic filing. Electronic Document Management software can also be integrated with a companies’ existing IT system and when properly configured, even the system administrator cannot access sensitive HR records.


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