Controller Reception Area


This page is designed to be a launching point for new (and established!) Controllers as they use myhrtoolkit.

What is a Controller?

A myhrtoolkit controller oversees the administration of a Toolkit. This includes

  • Assigning roles to users in the organisation - Managers, Holiday Managers, Training Managers, etc.
  • Implementing and maintaining the set-up of the organisation - Locations, Departments, groups of employees under Managers of various types, etc.
  • Internal taxonomy - Document types, General Absence types, Training Categories, definfing work patterns, etc.
  • Resetting user passwords
  • Assigning employees Hours Status


We have an extensive support library that can be accessed and searched via the menu block to the right, or a support ticket can be raised for more individual needs


Myhrtoolkit regularly run webinars on many topics. We also have many training webinars available to be seen. See the Resources menu above for topical webinars


Myhrtoolkit's Security Statement is freely available to be read, and can be found via the button below


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Reset a user's password

It is a not uncommon occurrence for a user to forget their password!

As a controller, ultimately you will be a user's point of contact for getting them back into the Toolkit if they find themselves unable to recall their password.

Resetting is a simple operation, and is described in this support page - Reset user passwords – Controllers.

User's abilities and confidence with IT can be very mixed within an organisation, but for those users who you feel may be able to self-service in this scenario, you can send them to this support page, where they will learn the procedure for reactivating their account themselves - Reset user password - self service.

Managers' Rights

Roles within organisations change, and with them the need to access different areas within myhrtoolkit. As a Controller you have full command over what access a Manager has to within their view of the Management toolbar.

To make changes to what a manager can see, visit this support page - Managing Managers' rights.

Sometimes there is a need to grant a member of staff the ability to view the calendar - for instance a non-executive Director, etc. It is possible to grant a manager minimal rights within a Toolkit, for instruction on how to do this, visit Granting a Manager minimal permissions.

Given that you might need the occasional holiday, or need to share Controller duties with others in your organisation, this page shows how to make a user a controller - How to add a Controller to myhrtoolkit.

System Access

Myhrtoolkit is able to follow the changing needs and requirements of user access within a Toolkit via the User Permissions functionality in Config.

Navigate to Config > Access Rights > User Permissions.

From here various aspects of a user's access can be enabled or revoked. This covers Health and Safety, Leavers, Data Retention, and Training.

Find the user whose permissions need attention, and click the edit icon at the right of their row.

To aid isolating the users required more quickly, there are various filter tick-boxes that can be used to narrow a search down.

Depending on the user's role (manager, training manager, etc.) different options will be available to be switched in or out for each section.

Tailor the permissions as required.

Note – Where an inherited option is available, this will mean that the user can follow the global setting, rather than it being overridden with a new value.

On completing the adjustments, click Update.


Note – Edits can be made to multiple users at a time by making use of Shift + Click and/or Ctrl = Click on the user rows. Use the Edit button to update the users togather.