How to add a Controller to myhrtoolkit

This guide shows how a Controller (system administrator) can add additional Controllers to a myhrtoolkit account. New Controllers will have the same full access rights as all other Controllers; having full access to the Config area and being able to see all information about all people.

The process is different depending on whether the system has gone live.

Adding a Controller before the system is live

The person to be granted Controller access must have an existing record in the system with at least a name, date of birth and system email.

Click on Config > Access rights > System access. Find the name of the person who you would like to give Controller access to and set their status to Give access before clicking on Submit.

How to create a controller in myhrtoolkit

Then go to Config > Access rights > Controllers. Put a tick against their name and click Submit.

You have now successfully created a new Controller. Controllers set this way will not have a user password generated for them. You will need to manually retrieve their password by going to the Security Centre.

Manually retireve password with our HR software

Making sure that your email address is listed at the top of the form, click on the link to manually retrieve a password. You can then forward the email you receive to the user, it contains a time-limited link for them to follow to setup their username and password.

Adding a Controller to a live system

You will need to be logged in as a Controller to setup another colleague as a Controller. Navigate Config > Access rights > Controllers.

A list of all employees will be shown, some of whom will have ticks against their names - these employees are already controllers.

Find the employee(s) to whom you wish to grant Controller privileges, and put a tick against their name. When ready click on Submit. You will be asked to confirm the choice.

After confirmation, all Controllers, including the new Controller, will be displayed.

When the new Controller first logs in they will be asked to agree to the terms & conditions, then validate themselves via their date of birth and set a new password.

How to remove a Controller

Controller privileges can be revoked by going to Config > Access rights > Controllers and removing the tick against the name of the person, then clicking Submit. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

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