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Getting started with Appraisals – managers

Using myhrtoolkit for Appraisals

myhrtoolkit provides functionality to manage appraisals within your company. Appraisals are set and closed by you as a manager. Both you and the employee have opportunities to add documents and notes to each individual appraisal.

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The myhrtoolkit appraisal system is underpinned by a system of appraisal profiles. These dictate how often a particular type of appraisal should be carried out, and what company–defined procedures (in the form of pro forma documents) should be followed (if any). There may be many appraisal profiles set up within your company, e.g. for quarterly appraisals, annual, ad hoc one–on–ones, etc. Before an employee’s appraisals can be tracked, an appraisal task needs to be assigned to the employee, which will also be linked to their manager by default (if no default manager was set in the appraisal profile). Each appraisal task uses an appraisal profile as a template for how often the task should repeat, which pro forma documents to use, etc

Employees that you manage will have one or more appraisal tasks assigned to them; these are either set by you (if you have the correct permissions), or controllers. Often this will have been assigned when the employees are first set up.

Setting up an appraisal

If you have been assigned permissions to do so, you can manage the assignment of appraisals to your reports. Appraisal tasks are assigned to employees based on appraisal profiles set up by a controller. To assign appraisal tasks navigate via the management dashboard > appraisals icon to the ‘appraisal tasks‘ tab.

Find the employee you need. Any appraisal tasks they have assigned will be shown with an option to add more (the ‘Add another appraisal‘ link).

Note – During setup or use of the ‘New Employee Wizard’, employees should have been assigned tasks. In the rare instance that this didn’t happen, an employee without any tasks assigned will have a box in situ where a new appraisal task can be created.

To assign a new appraisal task fill in the details and submit. The ‘Appraisal manager’ will most likely default to you as the employee’s manager, though depending on company preference or system setup this might be different.

To assign more appraisal tasks, use the ‘Add another appraisal‘ link, which will open a new page will the same options as before.

Appraisals can be customised as needed, with different profiles, reminders, etc.


Appraisal Preparation

In the management dashboard, the ‘my appraisals – as appraiser‘ tab shows upcoming appraisals that you are required to conduct. Appraisal tasks will automatically show in advance of the deadline. If the controller has assigned company–specified pro–forma documents to the profile used, these will be available for you and the employee to download and use in the appraisal.


Documents and Notes

When you have completed the appraisal, documents can be uploaded or notes added as required. Both you and the employee are able to add to the appraisal record.


Appraisal Completed

When the appraisal has been completed, follow the ‘Confirm completed‘ link. An email will be sent to the employee notifying them, and moved to the ‘appraisal history‘ area.

If you marked an appraisal as completed in error, a controller can reverse this.


Appraisal Reports

The ‘appraisal deadlines report‘ tab shows appraisal tasks assigned to you, and their current status. The page is filterable by year, location, and department; there is also an option to see employees on probation.

If you need to export the filtered data to Excel, the page will reload with a link to the file for you to download.


Appraisal deletion

Appraisal tasks can be deleted from an employee, however this should be done with caution – all data associated with that task (i.e. history, previous appraisals, documents, notes) will be permanently deleted from your myhrtoolkit installation.

Depending on the permissions granted to you within myhrtoolkit, you may be able to perform this function yourself, or you may need to refer it back to a controller. To proceed with deleting an appraisal task, navigate to the ‘appraisal tasks‘ tab in the management dashboard > appraisals, and find the employee and appraisal task. Follow the ‘Delete‘ link on the right, and confirm the action.

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