Bulk holiday upload process

Bulk holiday upload process

To perform this, your account will be set back to the initial set up phase. Only you will be able to access it, your users will not be able to log in during this process.

You’ll need to arrange a time when this is convenient, and during in office hours so we can offer support.

Once you are back in the set up phase, follow the instructions below (it’s not as hard as it looks!).

  1. Login to myhrtoolkit
  2. Go to Setup & Admin
  3. Scroll to around line 40, Employee holiday dates.
  4. In the 2nd column the text reads, ‘You MUST complete this section entirely in order to complete setup. This process can be time consuming – if you already have this data in a spreadsheet and would like to upload it click here,’ click that link.
  5. Right click on the ‘default spreadsheet’ link and click ‘save link as’
  6. Open spreadsheet, the layout is as follows [ User ID ] [ First Name ] [ Surname ] [ From ] [ To ] [ Time Off ]
  7. Now you can enter the dates of the holiday following that layout.
  8. Save the spreadsheet with the same name in the same format.
  9. Use the link at the bottom of the page in the Toolkit to upload that spreadsheet, the system will display all of the dates. It will also ask you ‘Does row 1 of the uploaded employee data contain column headings?’
  10. If all is correct then click ‘Submit’ The system will then ask you confirm the details of the first employee is correct. If they are then click ‘Submit Employee Holiday Information‘. The system will then show you all of the holiday dates stored.
  11. At this point you have finished the holiday upload.

Contact us and we’ll switch your system back to ‘live’ again. Everyone will be able to access the system.