Config - FAQ

Using Config

Questions relating to using the Config area

What are Access rights and System for in Config?

Access rights contains a group of settings geared towards the configuration of permissions for your staff, such as who the managers are and what features they can access in the system.

See the Access rights support page for more information.

System contains another group of settings allowing you to control details surrounding areas such as Holidays, Absence, Triggers, Data retention, etc.

See the Config support page for more information.

What if I can’t find something in Config?

At the top right of Config is a search bar. You can use this to search for specific features that are currently available in Config or have moved to Management/Employee files. When searching for features that have moved, you will be shown where the feature has been moved to.

Why is Config in the toolbar instead of the navigation menu like Myhome, Management and Employee files?

As the Config area is used to configure your system settings and won't be accessed as often as other areas, we decided that it shouldn't be grouped together with Myhome, Management and Employee files (which you would likely visit on a daily basis). The button where you configure settings in most apps is placed at the top right too.

What is “Bulk data” in Management?

Config focuses primarily on system configuration rather than user management. With this in mind, we moved all the areas that related to user management from into a new area in Management called Bulk data.

Only Controllers can access Bulk data.

Config and Setup & admin

Questions relating to the transition from Setup & admin to the Config area.

Why can’t I access Setup & admin anymore?

This is because Setup & admin has evolved into something new: Config. Config uses newer code and provides a more intuitive interface.

Are all my settings the same in Config?

Yes. You won’t need to reconfigure your myhrtoolkit system. All the settings you had configured in Setup & admin are automatically reflected in Config.

If I don’t like Config can I go back to Setup & admin?

Unfortunately not. We can only support one administrative platform.

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