Using the Document library - Users

Myhrtoolkit provides a storage area for documents relating to your employment in the Document library.

Document library for employees


Clicking the Document library tab will show the documents available to you and when you first opened them.

Document management menu


When your Manager makes documents available to you, you will receive an email and a note on your message board advising you of the event.

Employees message board on myhrtoolkit


Following the Open link will allow you to download and read the document. Depending on the document type, myhrtoolkit may ask you to confirm that you have read the document before clearing the message, or there may just be the normal Noted link.

Read and confirm documents on a HR system

The document will then be updated to show that you have read it:

Opened and read documents


Pending documents

The Pending docs tab will list documents you may have received, but not completed all the actions against them. The number of documents outstanding is marked in brackets.

Pending documents on myhrtoolkit

  • After being downloaded, the system cannot control what happens to the document; you may wish to ensure the document is deleted after you have read it. If in any doubt, refer to your controller for advice on company policy in this regard.
  • You can not upload documents yourself, that functionality is reserved for managers.


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