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Getting started with Appraisals – users

Employee Appraisals

myhrtoolkit provides functionality to manage appraisals within your company. Appraisals are set and managed by your manager, but you have opportunities to view the details, documents and notes to each individual appraisal.

Appraisals on myhrtoolkit

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  • Introduction

    Appraisals are fully co–ordinated within myhrtoolkit, you can see when you have appraisals coming and a complete history of those you have previously completed.appraisals as appraisee

    You will receive notifications about the appraisals as set by your manager. If there are pro forma documents for the appraisal, your manager will have made these available to you which you can download, read and complete as needed prior to the meeting.

    After you have completed an appraisal, you & your manager can upload documents or add notes as needed. (It is possible to add documents in advance of the appraisal as well).

  • Documents and notes

    You will be notified on your messageboard about any documents that your manager adds to your appraisal. The added documents will show in your appraisals page under the relevant heading.

    If you wish to add any notes to an appraisal, the ‘Add note‘ button will open a page where you can submit what you want to say.

    An appraisal record may end up having many documents and notes, or none at all.

  • Appraisal completion

    Finally, an appraisal will be marked as completed by your manager, you will receive an email, and the appraisal will be moved to your ‘my completed appraisals‘ area.

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