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Hours Status Reference Guide

A collection of terms and concepts used with Hours Status within myhrtoolkit.


Working Hours

Hours Status
the function within myhrtoolkit that captures how a users’ working hours are delivered. The options are Fixed Hours or Variable hours.


Fixed Hours
where an employee has a fixed number of hours per week or a regular work roster. They may be full-time or part-time.


Variable Hours (VH)
where an employee does not have a fixed work pattern and has no fixed hours per week. Their hours can vary widely from week to week.


Part-time Percentage
used to capture the proportion of the standard working week that is worked by a user. It is calculated using the formula:

 ( Hours worked / Standard working week ) x 100 

A user who works 25 hours out of 40 has a Part-time Percentage of ( 25 / 40 ) * 100 = 62.5%. A full time employee is 100%.


Standard Full Time Holiday Entitlement (FTE) Working Week
the standard hours worked per week by a full time employee.


Hours per day
the number of hours for which an employee is paid during a working day.


Percentage accrual
the rate at which an employee accrues leave within VH – applied to the number of hours worked.
  • Convert full time entitlement from days to weeks. For example, an employee entitled to a statutory minimum of 28days would convert to 5.6 weeks holiday entitlement.
  • Calculate the number of weeks the employee is likely to work in a year (52weeks in a year minus 5.6 weeks holiday entitlement equals 46.4 weeks)
  • Divide holiday entitlement by weeks in work and multiply the result by 100 to get the percentage (5.6/46.4 = 0.1207). Then 0.1207*100 = 12.07%.


FTE Equivalent
the holiday entitlement that a VH employee would receive if they did the same job on a full time basis.

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