How to create a controller during setup


This guide will show an initial Controller (system administrator) how to add an additional Controller to your account whilst in the initial set up phase. Once in place, the new controller will have the same full access rights as the initial controller; being able to undertake the set up process and being able to see all information about all people.


The initial client controller wishes to grant a colleague Controller access so they can assist with setting up their companies myhrtoolkit account.

How To Create a Controller During Setup

This can be achieved from within either the Main (phase 1) set up screen, or from the subsequent Options set up screen via the setup & admin tab.

  1. Ensure the person to be granted Controller access has the following profile:
    • A system record of at least name, date of birth and system email address
    • Set to Give access in the System Access option and submit
    • Tick the box next to their name in the Controller option and submit
  2. The next stage is to retrieve their password:
    • go to Manually retrieve password
    • Ensuring that your email address appears just above the name chart, click on their name.

Myhrtoolkit will then email you an encrypted link for the new Controller. This can then be passed onto the new Controller for them to set up their login and password.
When the new Controller first logs in they will first be asked to agree to the terms & conditions and then validate themselves via their date of birth, then asked to complete the rest of their activation.